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  1. Anyone know where to get Daiichi Alec Jackson Spey hooks in quantities higher than the 10pks? 100pks would be ideal
  2. Don't you dare!!!!! :bugeyes: I get like that with almost everything I've done in life. But I think I've found a lifelong hobby in fly tying. If I get bored with salmon flies I can tie realistics, if I get bored with realistics I can play with fishing flies, if I get bored with those I can work on salmon flies. I spend a lot of time reading these forums and others and I too get tired of seeing the same old stuff over and over again. I used to read every topic posted at FTF and offer input whenever I could. But now when I see stuff like "What vise should I buy?" I don't even bother opening it up. How's the saying go, if you love something you have to set it free, and if it was meant to be it will come back to you? Something like that Anyways, maybe you need a break. :dunno: You got any Carp flies ready yet? Won't be long now :headbang:
  3. Yeah..well that can't be true... so and so said it turns black Ya know, I know I might ruffle a few feathers when I say this, but when have I been the type to bite my tongue( I really do try to, but it hurts :devil:) , It bugs the heck out of me when I see someone on here write "So and so did it this way", or, "so and so says yadda yadda yadda". Thankfully there are people like Royce who will always be around proving that you can fit a round peg in a square hole :clapping:
  4. How much should something like that sell for?
  5. Dang it Matt, you know my brain can't take thinking that hard so early in the morning. :wallbash: :wallbash:
  6. How about this one, seems a little better for the kinds of conditions it'll be put through Sandisk 1GB Extreme III Secure Digital SD Card or I could go with the same card but at 2GB for about $15 more
  7. One other question- How many pictures will a 1GB card hold for a 7.1 megapixel camera? I plan on using the video feature a lot too, would I be better off going up to a 2GB or 3GB card?
  8. I am looking for a good memory card for an Pentax Optio w30. Right now I'm leaning towards this one Sandisk 1GB Ultra II (SD) Card My first question is do you think this is a good one, or should I go with something else? My second question is are all SD memory cards the same size(will they all work with my camera?)
  9. This fly has the song Kum-bi-ya stuck in my head, only replace kum-bi-ya with Cotinga-Ro-Yal I think this is one of the best flies you've ever posted Bud , despite the error) The main wing symmetry is right on:headbang: When you're marrying the Kori in between colors, do you marry the individual barbs, or do you take a larger slip(say around 6) and marry it, then remove the 4 extra? (hope that makes sense :wallbash: )
  10. Nice fly Jamie! I'm curious though, how would you tie it so the upper IC isn't covered up? Should the tippet be in between the IC, or should the wing be up higher? Seems like if you raised the wing up it would make it look really top heavy :dunno: And I bet trying to get the tippet to sit in between the IC would be a royal pain in the a$$ So what is the right way to keep the upper IC in view?
  11. If I were you I'd ask butterfly for help, that kid has some skills :headbang:
  12. Something like that should be in a museum for everyone to appreciate
  13. Dave, So when you tie off the wool, do you have to varnish the thread wraps you used to secure the wool? How much of the "under head"(did I just make up a word?) do you want peeking out from under the wool head?
  14. When tying in an herl or wool head on a fly, do you- A.) tie in and wrap the herl/wool before forming the head, then form the head afterwards? Or B.) do you form your head and then tie in and wrap the herl or wool? Thanks!
  15. Thanks guys! I think after the one in the vise right now is done I'll have to play around with this
  16. Does anyone use two crests for tails and/or toppings? Do you tie them in side-by-side or directly on top of one another?
  17. Gorgeous fly Dave :headbang: I see you didn't split the GP tippet, how come? Just curous cause sometimes I see flies tied with the full tippet and it's popping through the wing, and other times it isn't. Are there times when it is okay or isn't okay to have it sticking through? Did tyers 100 years ago split the tippet?
  18. Trust me when I say it's definately worth the wait :headbang: The literature is very top notch and to say I have already learned a ton from the email critiques so far would be a huge understatement. The critiques are pretty much no holds barred picking your fly apart in a very helpful way that not only helps you see your mistakes, but understand why you made them and how to avoid them in the future. And they're doing it in a way that you won't feel "put down", instead, you'll feel pumped up to give it hell on the next shot. Something I've been doing that you others in the seminar might wanna do is I got a nice 3-ring binder from Wal-Mart and some 3-ring heavy plastic sheeting to put everything in so it doesn't get too messed up from me handling everything. Then I have been printing off all of the email correspondence and putting it in there too. I can flip through everything just like reading a book. It's going to be a great resource at my tying bench for years to come.
  19. Beautiful Matt! Is this Long inspired?
  20. I really like the brushed wing too :headbang:
  21. I really do like them better split :dunno: :hyst: I think they look great with about 2-4 splits, any more and then they don't have the same visual appeal for me anymore
  22. Not to go off topic, but am I the only one who likes the look of classic patterns tied using split nails? It makes them look more "classic" to me
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