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  1. Dave Carne, The ribbing is wrapped the wrong way on the Black and Gold
  2. Just got mine :yahoo: The "Photos Inside Do Not Bend" sticker didn't do any good, and the envelope was open. No worries though, everything looks like it's there and in good shape. :headbang: I just skimmed through the paperwork and stared at the stuff in the bag like I wasn't allowed to open it On my way to the throne to do some reading
  3. Nothing here today, does the mail run on Good Friday?
  4. I'm ready to order a camera, and am trying to decide where to order from online. I don't want to deal with whomever I order from trying to sell me a bunch of accessories, etc. after I place my order. I know what I want and I just want to hit submit and get my camera in the mail a few days later. So who would you guys reccomend?
  5. glad they finally made it. don't talk smack about the postal service, they're armed and dangerous
  6. Nice stuff Matt :headbang: The leaf pic reminds me of the wizard of oz when they're running through the field of poppies.
  7. Alex C.

    Chat Room!

    I'm tying in the chatroom if anyone wants to BS
  8. I'd definately take Randy(longears) up on his offer. I've got some of his before in swaps and they are very nice and just so happen to be what I based the recipe/design of mine from.
  9. I just read this review and the W30 seems pretty sweet http://www.dpreview.com/news/0702/07022103pentaxw30.asp
  10. A W30 already! Didn't they just come out with the W20?
  11. If I were you Alex, I'd quit now before you aquire more feathers and fur than you'll ever have use for. Oh one other thing, the Colts will win the super bowl in '07, you'll hook up with a monster steelhead in a few months on the Pere Marquette, don't let it get to the the downed tree right below the hole! Whatever you do, don't forget your wedding anniversary this year!!!!! Save every extra penny you have, your work is gonna shut down in 13 months. Start looking for a job now Ahhh, if only it were that easy :hyst:
  12. I think a standard woolly bugger will work just fine. A more realistic pattern might help for picky/fish that see a lot of pressure. But woolly buggers in any shade of green(plus about any other color) in misc. sizes will catch plenty of bass and gills consistantly.
  13. After a lot of playing around with damsel imitations, IMO, the best damsel imitation is a basicly a woolly bugger and pretty quick and simple to tie. I'm at work and don't have any pics off hand, but here's the recipe Hook- 2XL streamer hook Tail- Marabou(length equals body length) Abdomen- Your choice of either- Larva Lace, D-Rib, etc. Thorax- Olive Hare's Ear dubbing(length equals about 30% of body length not including tail) Legs- Webby Saddle Hackle(length is up to you, but the natural has some pretty long legs) Wingcase- Swiss Straw, Turkey, or whatever you like to use for your wingcases(natural turkey looks great) Eyes- Mono
  14. Alex C.


    I'm kinda suprised on the ages. I knew there were a lot of "older" guys, but I thought that the 18-36 would be the majority.
  15. I tell ya what Mike, I'll throw in half so you can get a good camera and you give me half of that IC neck when you get it, deal?
  16. Nice shots Graham, great angles too! They show how big those carriers really are, nicely done :headbang:
  17. What are the main differences between swan and goose? I've worked with both and I think I like swan better since you can get your right and left sides off the same feather(I know it's silly ) and it seems to marry better, although it could just be me. I think for the most part swan has a longer barb length. But what other differences are there, and when you have the choice of the two, what makes you choose one over the other? What are the disadvantages one has when compared to the other? Thanks
  18. I'm making a shopping list and one of the patterns I plan on tying is a Popham. I've looked around the web and see lots of variations. If possible I'd like to try to stick as close to the "proper" recipe as I can. Thanks
  19. I see those errors too, but I can scroll down and see what's supposed to be there, you can't?
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