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  1. Is there anything in the works to make a database for tying materials? Bud started posting pics and descriptions of misc. salmon tying materials, and since others have begun making contributions. It's a really great thread but as more and more is added and time goes on it will be harder to find "what you're looking for", etc. So how about a tying materials database similar to the pattern database? I'm sure it's no picnic writing all the code for something like that, but it would be a great addition to the site and is something that isn't out there all in one place yet. I was thinking about it on my way into work and one suggestion I have, should it get the green light, is to set it up similar to how the editor program was first set up where only a select few could add info to the database. Cause we really wouldn't need 20 people submitting a pic and description of 20 different ringneck pheasants for example. Maybe set it up so there are three base categories, Full Dressed Salmon Flies(including speys, dees, etc.) Standard Fishing Flies, and Realistic Flies. Of course there will be materials that are commonly used for all three and they could be set up so someone would see them on the "index" for each main category. But this way you could still keep them seperate so for example, if a guy was looking at realistic materials he would still see that GP tail is often used for legs maybe ask for volunteers, (ideally people who have a lot of stuff) who would be willing to photograph the different things they have, then write a brief description about the material, how much it costs, what it subs for, or substitutions for it, how big it is, etc. Then once it is unveiled for everyone to see, ask the rest of the membership if anyone has something not on the list they would like to contribute. They could email a pic and any info they have to one of the people with the ability to add new materials to the database and then that person could put it in. You could even go another step further and have an index for hooks as well. Just a thought, and I'd hate to see Will get to do any fishing this year
  2. Alex C.

    Anyone a CPA?

    Well I just finished my federal taxes with TurboTax, got the credit no problem. After doing my taxes with TaxCut I was gonna OWE $600! :cursing: After doing it with TurboTax I am getting back a few thousand :yahoo: I went through both as thoroughly as I could, didn't cheat or try to cheat. Weird :dunno: Time for the state taxes
  3. Alex C.

    Anyone a CPA?

    Yeah they are, now I'm trying to figure out why it's saying I don't qualify for the Child Tax Credit. I don't make too much money, and I have two kids under 17. I fall right in to all of the other criteria yet it's telling me I don't qualify. This is the last time I buy TaxCut. I usually go with TurboTax and it was sold out where I went. I'm just gonna call a CPA tomorrow and make an appointment.
  4. I know what you're saying. You can do a lot with a little help from ol' Mr. Gravity while a fly is laying on a flat surface, even though he can be the enemy when your fly is upright in a vise. Even if it is unintentional, say you lay the fly down and adjust a few fibers from the throat to make for a better picture cause they are out of place from being layed flat- it's easier to get them precisely where you want them when you've got the friction from the surface on your team. I don't think someone would intentionally hide flaws and then ask for a critique, cause that wouldn't make sense. Four pics might be a little much but obviously the more angles the person critiquing your fly has, the better the critique could be.
  5. Beautiful as always Dave :headbang: I really like the angle of the rib!
  6. Alex C.

    Anyone a CPA?

    Anyone an Accountant? I'm working on my federal taxes and feel I'm getting ripped off so I'm looking for a loophole. Basicly the place I worked closed it's doors early last year. We had the option of either cashing out our pension or rolling it over into an IRA. Money was tight so I took the buyout. Now on my tax preperation software I'm taking a 10% penalty for the buyout the same way someone would if they took money out of their 401k early. I didn't see any excpetions where I could avoid the penalty as I'm still in my mid 20s. So is there a way around this without going to jail
  7. Sweet fly, and to be honest, i kinda like the looks of that better than real IC. How is it to work with?
  8. Can someone PM me an email addy or phone number to get in touch with the Catskill Fly Fishing Center?
  9. The main issue that kind of put this on the back burner before was I was still green to the area and didn't really have my bearings yet. I have thought about this several times throughout the winter and think it would definately be worth a shot to do something like this. Maybe bi-monthly to start and then just let things grow from there. I was thinking as far as location goes, maybe we could try to either have it in a central location, or possibly rotate them around to give someone a break from driving. Maybe hold them near a place that should be fishing good at the time :devil: Tell you guys what, anyone interested just PM me and let me know what city/state you're in and I'll get a "mailing list" together for everyone. After that we'll try to find a location, and then decide on a date for our first meeting of the minds.
  10. Got a PM from a member here the other day about this and thought I'd bump it back up to the top to see how much interest we've got this time around.
  11. A very fitting name for a beautiful fly, awesome stuff Bud :headbang: My great-great grandmother was 100% Cherokee. Her hair was down to her ankles, dark black and very thick till she passed away. She was still alive when my dad was little and he's told me stories of sitting there watching her brush her hair for hours
  12. woolly bugger plus rubber legs equals FISH ON!!!! :headbang:
  13. Thanks Dave! I think I'll try the thermometer, then I can play in the mercury Not to go too far off topic from SP's fly, but are there any materials that one should stay away from when deciding to try to use something as a burnishing tool? As far as brass, plastic, stone, glass, etc.? How gentle? Say your underbody is smooth, but you've got a bump in your floss and it just won't go away. Is there a point where you have to press so hard that you're better off rewrapping your floss, or will you just press as hard as you have to to remove that bump? How long will you burnish the bump? Just a few strokes or does it take a minute or so? And finally(get used to all these questions). Assuming the underbody is smooth and the bump occured while you were wrapping it. I've had a bump in my floss bodies before that I just couldn't figure out why/how it got there. Underbody was smooth, tension and the wrapping angle was no different than times when I didn't get a bump. Yet there it was and I just couldn't figure out why or how it got there. What are the causes for a bump in the floss?
  14. I love how you tied this one :headbang: Especially the tinsel body, it looks awesome! From my limited experience, I've found that I don't like burnishing the floss, seems to dull it's sheen. Maybe it's just what I'm using as a burnishing tool :dunno: So I like to burnish the underbody. Then if I have a bump anywhere in my floss I know it's from an error I made wrapping the floss and not from a bump in the underbody, plus my floss will stay shiny.
  15. My learning process started when I lived in Michigan, and got a little interupted by a move to New York in late August. I love tying all styles of flies, so there have been periods where I'll ignore salmon flies and be focused on realistics, then I'll focus on bass bugs, then I'll switch my focus to fishing flies, and then speys, and it never ends. I think if I could ever get my fly boxes caught up, I'd be able to focus more on one particular style of fly., cause as much as I want to be good at tying everything, it's hurting me in a way. Here is my first, tied in mid-late August of last year about a week before I moved to NY. Sorry for the bad pic. The next time I sat down to tie was with John Mclain. He invited me down to his house and even though I was only like 2 days away from moving across the country, and was up to my neck with stuff to get done, I spent about 10-11 hours with him(not to mention the 5-6 hour drive to and from his house) trying to soak in all that he had to say. I could just barely marry wings before that day. I don't know how long it would have taken me to figure out how to marry them right, let alone if I would have EVER learned to mount them without John's help. I could go on and on about how great John is, but here's my souvineer from that day. The half hitch came undone on the second one. Then it was about a month or so before I had the time or space to actually sit down and really tie again. I think it was an Irish Thunder & Lightning. Then I spent a lot of time on realistics. Then wet flies. Then played with Dee Flies for a few weeks, then back to realistics. Then I tied about 6-8 full dressed flies pretty much like this one and framed them to give to family members as Christmas Gifts Then I spent most of this winter filling my fly boxes and playing with more realistics. About a month ago I started playing with spun deer hair on salmon flies. Which has led to the most recent salmon fly I've tied I am really excited about the seminars and am hoping to learn as much as the mentors involved are willing to teach. Cause as cocky and overconfident as I am, I know I have A LOT to learn.
  16. Whatever happened to southern hospitality
  17. Wow, this is too cool :yahoo: I feel like I should start looking over my shoulder for the police when I go anywhere cause this is just wrong we're getting this stuff for the amount we paid. I almost don't want to post that I'm a part of it cause I feel like a thief right now I can't wait to support the fine people who have sponsored this :headbang:
  18. Thanks guys, I think you're right that my balls are too big. Did I just say that? I'll trim them smaller on the next one, thanks for the feedback. Aaron I didn't look at it that way, but I think you're right! I cut off the rear ttopping wing and now it really looks like that But that gives me a really good idea Bud, I'm doing a virtual tying class on wendsday here at FTF. One of the flies is an Umpqua Pike Frog. Gonna be teaching most deer hair tecniques all in one fly. Here's a picture of the finished fly(not one I tied) I'll send ya a PM
  19. Lots of experimenting on this one for me The red floss/gold rib body segment has one piece of tinsel wrapped twice, and another counter-wrapped once. I think it looks cool, but the only problem is it only looks like that on the near side. The other side kinda looks like an upside down "V". From the black deer hair ball to the head is kinda where I'm headed with this style of fly. I wanna have basicly that sequence of stuff, but repeat it twice as I work foward. I just don't have any hooks big enough to do it yet. Now I atleast have something "on paper" so I can figure out what size hook I'll need. Named it after a Pink Floyd song that came on while I was trying to think of what to call it, seems to fit
  20. Is this where we post our homework pic? Here she is I know it's not really a topping fly, but it's got 6 toppings :smile:
  21. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Alex C.: Is There Anybody Out There?
  22. Chris, Mine shoulda been there by now :dunno: Anyways, sorry for the hold up. Keep the extras, those are for you, not for people like me who wait till the last minute to mail flies I guess just grab a few for yourself and send the rest back. But keep those extras, you earned them for hosting!
  23. Welcome to FTF! :headbang:
  24. Yeah I've seen that frog, I think Bruce is holding out on us. Thanks everyone for the kind words(yes, I take it being funny as a compliment ) I chopped it up last night. I wonder how many flies I can tie on a single hook
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