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  1. Yeah I've seen that frog, I think Bruce is holding out on us.
  2. Bud, When I first started playing with the deer hair, I was pretty much trying to spin the body and then trim it to shape like a normal tapered body. Then after seeing DaveG's "Orange Peach" I was really inspired and realized that bodies don't have to be the standard taper, that wings don't have to extend to such and such a point, etc. Just think about all the different stuff you could do with this. Any shape you want, and the color schemes are endless. You can make spots, rings, anything! For me anyway, it's really got the juices flowing :yahoo:
  3. Actually, there are two JC feathers :butt:
  4. I had a blast tying this one! I've been playing around a lot with using spun deer hair for the body on salmon flies the last month. I'm kinda curious if anyone has ever experimented with it before? Anyways, I've got ideas pouring out of my head on different things I can do with this style of fly so expect more to come. The "neck" of the fly is wrapped in gold tinsel, but due to the angle in the picture, the wing is blocking it. Hopefully I did Ronn's hook proud. There was an eye on this fly till the very end. I got a wild hair up my butt and decided it would look better without the eye. There goes purpose All comments/feedback are welcome, bad or good. EDIT: Another thing you can't see inthe pic is the wings are tied in facing away from each other.
  5. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Alex C.:
  6. Back in the day there was a fly fishing forum here. It got big enough that one little forum just couldn't contain it anymore. Thus Talkflyfishing.com was created. That's the place to go with regards to fishing related stuff :headbang:
  7. I'd leave it just the way it is, might gie it a little "bob and weave" when retrieving it.
  8. I'm not sure how much they weigh to be honest. I'll bring some into work with me tomorrow and find out.
  9. I just use a comb to hold my eyes. Then paint them with nail polish, usually either light yellow, white, or red. Then take black mail polish and dot the pupils on. Then apply a coat of clear nail polish. I think the comb I have holds about 30 eyes and I can have them all painted, clear coated, dried and ready to tie on in under 30 minutes.
  10. TU national and TU state are already an impediment to local chapters. Furthermore, they're an impediment to other conservation groups! Local chapters need to disband from TU, hurting their wallet is the only way to get them to wake up.
  11. Wow byhaugh! I see this topic has over 4000 views and it's only been up for 2 hours!!!!!!!!!!! Have you ever :headbang: thought about a career in advertising? You could put this on your resume :headbang: If you're really passionate about getting more people to respond to posts here's my advice. Go to the site help and suggestions forum here on FTF and reccomend that Will rewrite the code for the site so that anyone who visits cannot go to a new post till they reply to the one they're visiting at the time. What's the worst that can happen? Atleast you followed your dreams :thumbsup:
  12. Alex C.

    Chat Room!

    Last errand was just run for the day, time to show a little Irish pride Wife's outta town, kids are settled in for the evening, and tying materials are ready to roll. Time to tie some dragonfly nymphs! I'll be in the chatroom till I pass out Beer me! alcoholic.gif
  13. Oh it does say that doesn't it :wallbash: :wallbash: Thanks again
  14. Actually once you get that much stuff it's really easy to embezzle new stuff into the mix. My wife didn't have a clue how much stuff I had accumulated until we moved. I had 3 of those giant sized rubbermaid containers packed full of tying materials. While loading the UHaul, she asked, "What's in this one?" I said, "Feathers and Hair". She about put her back out trying to pick it up. She then called me a couple choice words and asked what was really in the tub like I was lyng about what was in it. I opened it up and showed her. She looked shocked. Then she realized that the other two tubs next to it had more feathers in hair in them and asked the question, "How much did all this stuff cost?" I casually said,"OH, maybe 2 or 3 thousand dollars." (Probably more in the ballpark of 5) She started to go into a fit of rage and I used a great line I read on this site at one point in time. "Hey, if ya don't like it, I'll start picking up a case of beer on my way home from work everyday." And amazingly, ever since she's been really cool about me getting new stuff, go figure.
  15. Thanks a lot Will and Steve :headbang: One quick question, do I need to seperate each username with a ; ?
  16. All I've got is a box for "recipients name" and "message title" :dunno:
  17. Awesome shot Graham :headbang:
  18. I just moved here in the fall from northern MI. Still not sure where I'm gonna go. The Battenkill is the closest "name" river to me at about 30-40 minutes but I'm leaning towards going up to the Au Sable or down to one of the Catskill streams. Lots of options
  19. I also like to use broom bristles. Just as good if not better than japanese nymph legs. They're also easier to form the claws with, IMO.
  20. I've got new wallpaper! I love this fly Dave :bugeyes: I especially like the open area between the wing and the tail area from the shorter wing. It really let's the body stand out more. The joint looks like it was carved out of stone. And the whole color scheme is just beautiful :headbang: Guess we cannot call you Dave "the body" G. anymore. Gonna have to start calling you Van Gohsemmer. Truly inspiring. What kind of vise is that? Great hook making Matt! :headbang:
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