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  1. That will work! :headbang: Also looks like a good hopper imitation, might even be able to fool a few into thinking it's a stonefly too
  2. Flies came, you were supposed to keep them, guess I'll have to send ya something to make up for the evelope/shipping. Good job everyone :headbang: In case you didn't see it in the picture post, I left the legs really long purposely so you can trim them how you want them. Or you can leave them long.
  3. I use circles every now and then, I didn't know they were magic though
  4. Awesome job on the coloring! I would always see a bunch of those while fishing the SOuth Branch of the Au Sable River in northern Michigan. Right around mid-June there would be tons of them flying around. Looking foward to seeing more of your work! :headbang: :headbang:
  5. Mine are packaged and ready to go. I'll be dropping them off at the post office tonight after work.
  6. Only 4!!! :ripped: :crying: I feel so violated Michigan Skunk Barr's Bouface Barr's Meat Whistle Skip's Furry Dragon
  7. Awesome! I love that you're experimenting, it's one of the most rewarding aspects of tying. Soemtimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. But either way, we'll be better tyers from it. Take that one to the sink and see how it floats, then if it's not 0*F like it is here, tie it on and take it ouside to see how it casts. Those two things should give you a good idea if you want to make more the same way or not. Of course there's other things that are important too, but are tough to find out during the offseason.
  8. Great job man, and thank you for the kind remarks guys! That is a heck of a lot better than the first few of that pattern I tied! :headbang: That should fish great, what did you use for the wings?
  9. Hey! I got one of those in the Santa swap! Nice tie Jerry :headbang:
  10. Ohhh, I get it now :wallbash: Nice tie man!
  11. Graham I've got a Logitech Communicate QuickCam STX webcam that I've been using to teach some of the virtual tying classes. I think they run about $50. I picked mine up from Office Max on sale for $25 last Fall. There's alot you can do with it as far as brightness, contrast, etc. go. It's also got a built in sensor to make the video brighter in low light conditions. Obviously you can record videos and you can use it as a camera but it's only like 1.3 MP quality. Shoots at 30 frames per second. It's got a built in Microphone and a few other bells and whistles. I bet they've got a better model out by now. The things I wish it had were the ability to zoom in or out and to manual focus. I usually tie with mine about 5" away and it comes in alright, but there are times when I'd really like to zoom in on a small area, say 5mmX5mm to point something out and the capability isn't there on my end. In the classes the students can enlarge the window to get a better view of what I'm doing, but the only problem there is you start to get that "pixely" view. Another thing I wish is that the chord for it was about 20' long so I could take it right to my tying bench for the classes. Instead I've got to mount my vise to a dinner tray and bring it in to my computer desk. Something I figured out about a month ago was to mount a magnifying glass between the camera and the fly I'm working on. I can put the glass close enough to the camera that unless it's off center, the students don't even know it's there. It not only zooms in on the fly I'm tying, but the picture is much more clear. I've been seriously thinking about saying forget the DSLR and just going with the Pentax W20 and a descent DVD recorder. I think it would be fun to make fly fishing and fly tying movies. It seems like step by steps are quickly becoming a thing of the past.
  12. What about refreshing? I just refreshed about 5 times while viewing this topic, does that give it that many more views?
  13. I should ditch the deer body hair and use Artic Fox for the wing instead. :devil:
  14. Graham, when are you gonna get a webcam? I'd love to watch you color your flies
  15. Mine are all tied, I'll try and get em in the mail ASAP I think these will fish great as a dragonfly nymph or a baby frog burying itself in the bottom
  16. I've always wanted to call a fly Billy Badass It's just a Michigan Skunk with dumbell eyes. I came up with this for the Carp swap and am really pumped to fish it. I think it will work great as a dragonfly nymph imitation, or a baby frog trying to bury itself in the bottom. This pic doesn't do the body material justice. I wish I knew what the heck it was called(threw out the package) Looks like Boa Yarn, but the strands are only 3/8" or so long. It comes as a rope with 3 strands. Comes in a Metz pacjage, buty I forget what they called it. Anyone know?
  17. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Alex C.: Billy Badass
  18. Letumgo- you need to pick up Shane Stalcup's book "Mayflies Top to Bottom". Many of his dun or spinner patterns use that style of wing. I like to use either Web Wing, Medallion Sheeting, or Spent Wing material when I'm tying these types of flies. I try to stay above a 14 with them, cause they do spin, and more annoyingly, the sound they make as they're going throught he air when casting. Check out that book though, it's worth every penny
  19. I tie better when listening to music or the TV. I tie really well when there are no words in the music, just instruments playing. I can also sit and tie longer. It's about 50/50 between the TV and Music. I like listening to sports or the Discovery Channel when I have the TV going. For music I'll almost always put some Pink Floyd in, or Moby. Other favorites include Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana, Mozart, and Marylon Manson. Lots of other stuff too, but those are my staples.
  20. I was reading an analysis of Pink Floyd's Wall album the other day and a point was made by the author and for some reason I immediately thought about this discussion. Someone asks the author of the analysis if he really thinks the band put that much thought into the album's meaning or if he is overanalyzing things. The author answers " Chances are Shakespeare didn't put nearly as much thought into his works as our English teachers have led us to believe, yet there are libraries of books and scholarly journals solely dedicated to his work. What I'm trying to say is that yes, I am probably reading a lot into Pink Floyd's work, moreso than even the band intended. But art is subjective. Just because a clue, nuance or theme wasn't intentional doesn't mean that it's not there. What an artist puts into a piece is only 50% of the artistic process; it is up to the audience to contribute the other 50%, bringing in their own unique experiences, interpretations and feelings and applying it to the work. After all, when we talk about a piece of art (book, CD, painting, whatever) we generally don't discuss what this work means to the artist, but what this work means to us. Artist intention (or lack thereof) is neither full validation or dismissal. If a person can back up his or her interpretations with logical, well thought arguments based on the body of the work, that only makes the art richer and more complex. We must always remember that even though the medium of art is inflexible (once a CD is recorded, a book printed, or a painting painted, it is unchanging) art itself is a living thing, and derives a great deal of its meaning from the audience and not the artist alone."
  21. Chris, I scrapped what I was gonna send in, they're good for carp, but I think too many panfish would get in the way before the carp would get a chance. So I made up something all by my lonesome and think I got a real winner for you guys :headbang: 6 down, maybe I'll take the materials for them to work with me and finish them up tomorrow. :whistle:
  22. You just blow me away, this fly is just sick :headbang:
  23. Glad they made it. Remember to keep all the flies from everyone else that would have gone to me for yourself, fish 'em! No rush on the Helm video
  24. I left the legs super long on mine so you guys can trim them to the length you want them
  25. I saw a cool video on YouTube a couple weeks ago of a Tiger Shark attacking and eating a big turtle, it was pretty cool, although I felt bad for the turtle. Anyone know excatly how long they are when they hatch?
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