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    Monster Fish

    I think the point of hopping in the kayak after the hookup was just to let it pull him around during the fight. I bet it was a blast. Billfish on the fly looks like a blast.
  2. I think you need to atleast be a supermod to change peoples stuff. My money is on TroutBum. A cystern is kinda like a well but not really a well. Basicly it's like a big underground tank that you have to refill when your water starts running low. Not real sure why they used them instead of digging a well, maybe bad water. We had one in a house I grew up in, in northern Ohio. When we'd pop the lid to refill it you'd see the occasional dead critter floating around :sick:
  3. Anything associated with art should have no boundaries. After tying and then taking the razor to a few freestyle and classic flies I tied, I actually think they might hold up pretty well. As far as attracting and catching fish, I think anything that is presented properly would probably work.
  4. This will be my first year chasing them. I asked a similar question over at TFF, here's a link Shad Topic at TFF Right now for flies my plan is to basicly tie some weighted crease flies for them instead of using the darts. Probably tie in some heavy lead along the shank before folding the foam over it then coat it with softex or epoxy. Just whatever it takes to make them get down to the bottom where they're resting. I also want to tie some unweighted crease flies and fish them on a C&D rig and hopefully they'll float up off bottom right in front of their faces. They sure sound like a fun fish to taget with the fly rod though :yahoo:
  5. That fluff is also great as gills for mayfly nymphs
  6. Here's one I did a while back with a material that is very similar to dryer sheets.
  7. I see your posts but no pics. I'm guessing you're trying the first method? Try the photo gallery out and see if that works for ya
  8. You could just hold(tape) a piece of grid paper over the foam, then use the lines as a guide. When you're done just untape the paper and throw it out
  9. You have two options. When you make or reply to a post, just above the submit button there is a buton that says browse. Click it and a window will pop up your basic file directory from your computer. Click on the file you want to attach. Then click "add this attachment". Then submit. Your other option is to go to the photo gallery here at ftf and click "upload photo". Then click which gallery you'd like ot put it in, then "browse" and submit. THen the next time you go to make or reply to a post, that picture will be at that screen(not worded right) above the area you have to type your message. Just click the photo and it will automaticly be in your post, you'll see. Of course there are many other options, but those two are the most simple. If you have trouble, the best place to ask for help is the "site help and suggestions" forum. There is usually someone who is on top of any problems people have when they post them there/ Hopefully that all made sense
  10. I've got a ratlesnake planned out, only in my head though. I wanna tie one actual size, probably around 6' long, coiled up ready to strike. I've got the whole thing thought out, just no time to tie it. :ripped: Someday.
  11. Great fly steelie! Looks great, especially from underneath
  12. Great job! What did you use for the antennae?
  13. Not bad at all Kashew :headbang: On your tail it just looks like you tied it in a little too far back. Try tying in the tail and starting your abdomen just above the rear of the barb, maybe a thread wrap or two further back from a point directly above the rear point of the barb. On the dubbing, remember to twist it on the right direction so it doesn't twist off as you wrap your thread, and do as dsaavedra mentioned and use a very small amount. You can always add more. Your abdomen "vs" thorax proportions look about perfect though, just be careful though cause it looks like you might be on the verge of crowding the eye. You know what's wrong with the wings so no point going there. All in all though, like I said, great job. Keep that one to look at down the road, you'll be amazed at the progress you make!
  14. Alex C.


    My flies are neither he nor she. They're all it. The only exceptions are a few realistics that I was really proud of, and they were he, except the praying mantis was a she. Someday I'm gonna tie her a headless he
  15. Thanks for all the great feedback, I really appreciate it! :headbang: I was looking at those Eagle Claw Octopus hooks and they do look like a good hook for these. So far I've been using super glue too to hold the head on. I tried to apply it to purposely create some air pockets inside the head to hopefully help keep the fly upright, and add a little more buoancy to them. I haven't been tying them in at all though since the super glue on the inside and the coat of epoxy on the outside should more than keep it together. I've been spending most of my time this week tying poppers, but have a few more of these tied now. I'll try and post a pic tonight. Good cause that crap is expensive I really like the unique hair, especially the way it reflects light with that "checkered" effect.
  16. Alex C.

    Holy Crap

    Check out this youtube video link Some of these pics are nuts :bugeyes:
  17. I think you're right, only problem is it's wrong handed
  18. Never heard of the tool before, thought it was more of a stensil for cutting perfect muddler heads. Although it isn't what I expected, I thought it was a cool video anyways and learned a couple new tecniques, which is always cool .
  19. Sweet flies guys! Sean- Your post has crushed me. I finally thought I was alls et with hair when I got a good variety of EP and Unique Hair :ripped: :ripped: What do you guys think of these hooks for this style of fly? I'm thinking about picking up a pack or two in the 5/0, 7/0 range Matzuo Octopus Hooks-Black Chrome
  20. I lost my job a year ago on March 7th. This place had been in operation since the early 1960's. It was a Georgia Pacific particleboard plant with just under 300 hourly and salary workers. This place was basicly one of the few places in northern Michigan where you could make a good living without having gone to college. After a year and a half of applying every month, I finally got hired there in 2000 just before my 21st birthday. This was a place I fully intended on retiring from. I had a good position as a Quality Control Technician. I was on the plant safety committee, accident investigation committee. I was a member of the plant's fire brigade, confined space rescue team, and medical first responder team. They sent me to school to be a first aid/cpr instructor and a Powered Industrial Truck Instructor too. I was the Cheif Steward for our Union. I think I spent more time in meetings than actually working In 2002 we bought our first house. Not a mansion by any means, but a nice tri-level with a nice yard, that backed up to state land. We had descent cars. Nice neighbors. 2 beautiful kids. In short, life was good. Then last year on a Sunday night I get a call from the plant's HR Manager. The company wants to have a meeting with the Union at 7am the next morning, and they aren't saying what it's about. I wake up the next morning and go in to find out the plant was being shut down. Just like that. All of the sudden you've got just under 300 people in a small rural area looking for a job. The average paying job up there was about $7 an hour, mostly tourism related stuff. The hourly people such as myself at the plant made anywhere between $30,000 and $70,000 a year. Salary people made between $40,000 and $125,000 per year. Everyone became eligible for assistance from the US government due to the fact that we were able to prove that competition with chinese particleboard plants was the main factor for the plant closing. But that didn't help many of us out much. I could go on and on, but to make a long story short, almost all of those guys are still out of work. I'd probably be too if I would have stayed in Michigan The unemployment checks I was recieveing weren't nearly enough to cover the lifestyle I was living so before we knew it we had credit card companies calling daily, our mortgage got behind, etc. We ended up filing for bankruptcy. My wife's sister lived in the Albany, New York area and said her husband could get me a job where he worked. So we drove out to New York last July and although that offer fell through, I found work doing the same type of work I did for GP at a different company, and my wife got a job as a manager for a major retail chain. I took a severe pay cut from what I ws making at GP, but it was more than the unemployment checks, plus other reasons had us deciding to leave Michigan. Plus my wife's new job had her making about $4 an hour more than she was making back home in Michigan. That same week we found an apartment and made plans to move out here to New York in September. We had a big garage sale, sold almost everything we had and have pretty much started from square one. The thing I miss most about my old job isn't the money, but it's the people. You spend 50-70 hours a week with people you become pretty close. I could walk through that plant and say hi to every person I passed, I knew their name, their wife's name, their kids' names, etc. I loved sitting around BS'ing with the old guys about stuff. I learned so much from those guys. We were all like one big family with all the traits of a real family. Then the next thing you know you're never going to see them again. I miss those guys. And I was only there a little over 5 years. I can't imagine what it's been like for the guys who were there for 20-40 years. I miss Michigan. I didn't expect the homsickness to last this long, but it seems to get worse instead of better. I miss my family. My dad worked at the plant too and he and my mom ended up moving to Ohio. He's still out of work, thankfully my mom went back to school before all this happened. He was gonna leave the plant anyway and now he really doesn't have to work. L:ucky bastard I really miss my in-laws. My father-in-law is probably one of the best friends I ever had and I miss our time in the woods and on the water. I'm a pretty quiet person, and he doesn't shut up My wife's grandpa passed away a couple months ago and we went back for the funeral. I couldn't help but think about the future. Do I really want to be so far away from my family that I don't see them but once or twice a year till I am amking the trip back to the midwest for their funerals. I know it sounds a little morbid, but it's the truth. If my father-in-law lives to be 80, I'm only gonna be able to spend another 30-60 days with him if you figure I'll be able to visit once a year for two days. The same with the rest of my family. That sucks. I got 92 days in on the water last year before we moved. I probably won't get to spend that much time on my homewaters there if I add up all my future trips together. That ain't cool either. Anyways- The cost of living out here in NY is higher so we are pretty much living paycheck to paycheck. If we made what we are making here back home we'd be living pretty well. I'm sick and tired of living this way so I'll be going back to college starting this summer. I'm gonna go for an associates degree in civil engineering technology with an emphasis in architecture, then if all goes well transfer to a 4 year school and get my bachelor's in architecture. Then hopefully work on a masters degree. I figure the only way to put an end to this vicious cycle is to get off my butt and do something about it. I figure if I spend all of my time whining about things they're never going to get better. So till I finish school we're gonna still be living in a little 800 square foot apartment. We're gonna struggle, probably paycheck to paycheck. The old saying that sometimes you have to take a few steps back to move a few steps foward sucks, but there's some truth to it. Hopefully I'm all done stepping backwards. I'd sure like to get back on track for an early retirement Sorry for the novel Damian, I need therapy Keep your head up, you found a job once, you can do it again.
  21. I use finger nail polish to paint everything, there isn't a color that you can't get. Last week when my daughter got her allowance she asked me to take her to Target to get some of those fake press on nails. Well we got there and I grabbed about a dozen different colors for myself. She grabbed two colors that I had already grabbed. So to avoid any suspicion from the cashier by having doubles of a couple colors, I told her to put those back and she could just share with me. :hyst: And of course I ended up asking for the press on nails when they fell off too
  22. Thanks a lot guys for all the help, it's very much appreciated! I worked on some more last night and they're getting a lot better now. Thanks again
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