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  1. Sweet! I guess I'll have to swing by the fly shop on my way home and see they have it yet :headbang:
  2. I've still got my first fly, a light cahill dry. I probably would have junked it, but thanks to the people here on this forum I held onto it, and I'm happy I did. I swear it gets a little uglier every time I look at it I also kept my first realistic, my first woolly bugger, my first classic salmon fly, my first spey, and all the other firsts:lol: I have a shadow box with like 16 diffferent little compartments and someday will frame them all in it. Right now they're all sticking into a piece of foam, inside a tupperware container. I find myself checking them out all the time. Some are pretty horrible, some aren't too bad. But it's nice to see the progress I am making.
  3. I seem to always have a problem or two when putting rubber legs on those foam Wapsi popper bodies. First I double a piece of tying thread and put it through the hole in the body. Then I take and apply a small drop of super glue to the hole on the side the legs will be pulled through from. Next I pull the legs through. The problems I have are pretty small, but they irritate the hell out of me and I'm hoping someone can offer a few tips that will help me out. 1.) When pulling the legs though the hole in the body with the thread, The spot on the legs where the thread pulled them through always has a kink in it. The fish don't mind a kink, but I do. Any other ways to pull them through without getting a kink in the legs? 2.) How do you guys glue the legs so the glue stays inside the popper body, and doesn't get on the legs? What kind of glue are you using? And a couple other questions unrelated to the legs- 3.) Do you guys paint them before or after you glue the body onto the shank? 4.)When painting without an airbrush, how do you get it so there is more of a fade between colors. For example say the top half is Flo Green, and the bottom half is Chartreuse. Is there a special brush or tecnique to get the flo green to fade from the flo green into the chartreuse? Basicly I want to avoid a "solid line" between color changes. 5.) When using hackle in between the tail and the body, what kind of hackle do you prefer? I've used webby stuff and dry fly hackle. 6.) What size hackle do you use, i.e., 1X the Gap, 1.5X, 2X, etc? Thanks
  4. One other thing- If you've invented this great new material, why in the heck would you want to stop people from using it by patenting this so called great fly you invented, thus preventing comercial tyers from tying it. You're not gonna make money from a fly pattern, you might make money from a material, and the best wa to get the word out about a new material is from as many people as possible tying and selling flies that use it.
  5. I'm sorry but patenting fly patterns is retarded. Why? Because you can't enforce it.
  6. Alex C.

    Trout Photos

    Wow those really are great photographs! :bugeyes:
  7. If I had to pick one solid color I'd go with black. For color combos I like Yellow/Red, Red/White, Black/White, Flo Green/Chartreuse, and Chartreuse/ Flo Orange. I also like to paint some up to look like little frogs
  8. Alex C.

    I am so screwed

    That does suck. I'd give the metal detector thing a try. Heck, you're in Florida so there's gotta be some old fart around you who owns one and would let you borrow it. I lost mine once. Where I used to work in Michigan we'd shut the plant down once every 2 weeks or so to perform preventaitve maintainance on all the machinery. Well I'd usually sign up to work OT as a Millwright or Electrical Helper. I'd always put my ring in my pocket so it wouldn't get caught on some piece of machinery and rip my finger off. Well when it was time to punch out I reached into my pocket to grab my ring and was crapping my pants when it wasn't there. The place I worked at made particleboard, so while working on the different machines we were usually crawling around in piles of sawdust, piles of sawdust that got swept up and dumped into a giant furnace throughout the day. So I thought I was screwed. I stopped at the gas station on my way home from work and when I was paying for my stuff I noticed one of my pennies had a gold ring around the edge. Turns out that my ring finger is the exact same diameter as a penny. In fact they're so close that it was kinda hard to get the penny out
  9. Those look fantastic John! I don't think many bass or trout could turn those down :headbang: :headbang: Any way you could post pics how to twist those up?
  10. Got mine all tied this weekend. They'll be in the mail tonight or tomorrow night along with that craw
  11. Thanks Mark! I was trying to rush things and found out the head was still a little wet when I went to fold it. It was a learning experience to say the least I'm just painting heads tonight while watching TV, then tomorrow I'll be able to mass produce a bunch for my box, with dry paint :wallbash:
  12. Maybe broaden the title a little bit into more of a general hook forum. A place to talk about all things hooks, shapes, sizes, bending, making, history, etc. :dunno:
  13. The first couple inches of hair is coated with softex right behind the head and is virtually foul proof right now. I don't think it would foul on a stinger as long as the momo or wire used to attach the stinger was stiff enough. I'm not a big fan of stingers to be honest though. Most fish like pike take the bait by the head anyway, and if they want your fly, they're gonna take it :headbang:
  14. Yetti, that stuff is pretty common in Michigan:rolleyes: Dude I got Unicorn mane that I use for my stonefly nymph antennae. I got Dodo feathers I use for wingcases on my hare's ears. I just used the last of my Lucifer feathers(what, it's not like he needed them anymore :dunno: )
  15. Dang Bud, I wish I would have known you were starting this program. :wallbash: I was recently traveling abroad and came across a street peddler who had a live Indian Crow in a cage. I asked what he wanted for the bird and he said he wasn't selling the bird, but was selling the cage for $10. I told him that was awfully steep, but I would take it if the bird came with it. "Deal!" I got back to my hotel room, rung it's neck and threw it in my suitcase. The next day on the way back to my hotel, I came across the same peddler. He had another Indian Crow in a cage. I told him that I really had no use for two cages, but would love another Indian Crow to keep the other company. He said that the bird was worthless, but since economic conditions were hard, he would be happy to sell me the Indian Crow for $5. Before finslizing the deal, I asked if he had more Indian Crows. He said he had an unlimited supply. I told him I'd give him $100 for 25. He said the only problem with that was that I wouldn't be able to fit that many birds in the cage I had bought the day before. So the only way he would do it, was if I bought another cage for $10. Plans were to meet each other the next morning. I meet the man the next morning and when I showed up with an empty cage he became very upset. I asked what was wrong and he began screaming something to the effect that the bird was missing. I calmed him down and told him that I had locked the bird in the bathroom back at my hotel room. He was pulling a wheelbarrel. In it was a very large cage with 25 Indian Crows in it. I handed the man the money and took them back to my hotel room. One by one I rung their necks and threw them in my suitcase. A few days later I returned home. I skinned each Indian Crow and processed each skin. About 6 months ago I moved to New York from Michigan. Well I had a lot of tying stuff to move and had to try to get rid of items I didn't use very often. One of the first things I threw out were 24 of the 26 Indian Crow skins. I took the 25th skin and dyed it black. Then I took the 26th skin adn duct taped it to the lid of the rubbermai container that most of my materials were in. That way any bugs would be drawn to the Indian Crow and not my good tying materials such as my ringnexk pheasant skins, strung marabou, and rabbit strips. I sure wish I'd have known you were gonna start this IC program, I would have given you those skins. Is it Spring yet?
  16. Man Wins $25,000 Lottery 2 days in a row ‘Virtually incalculable’ odds Minnesota man wins $25,000 lottery two days in a row MAPLEWOOD, Minn. - An airline pilot from Maplewood won a $25,000 lottery jackpot — two days in a row. Raymond Snouffer Jr. matched the winning numbers 11-14-23-26-31 to win Saturday's Northstar Cash drawing with odds of about 170,000 to 1, Minnesota Lottery officials said. On Sunday, Snouffer stuck with 11 and switched to 3-7-19-28 — and won again. Lottery officials said such a sequence was so farfetched that the odds against it were "virtually incalculable." Snouffer was unavailable for comment, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported on its Web site. But his father, Ray Snouffer Sr., also of Maplewood, had a response. "Holy buckets!" he said when told of the feat, according to the Star Tribune.
  17. Do you know how to make jig heads Matt? I bet this fly tied witha football shaped jighead would do just what you're talking about. SOmething else you might consider is keeping the hook on the thorax and clipping the hook on the abdomen to let it float up better. Check out those football shaped jigheads though
  18. Thanks! The body material is unique hair and a fw strands of Christmas Tinsel. Inconnu, here's a pic that kinda shows how the head is made
  19. It was only a mater of time
  20. Will, Is there a way to see who tied the flies that didn't place in the top 3 yet?
  21. Yeah the hook is offset It's an Owner 4/0 #5139 , here's a link to a pic of one Owner 5139 Maybe if I take a Mustad 37187 stinger hook and set the head so the back of it is above the barb I'll be alright. The only problem with that is I will have to use a smaller head. Maybe I'll have to get some 6/0 or 8/0 hooks. :dunno: Yeah I made the head. It's a tecnique Tim Wohland came up with and anyone can do it. Just take a piece of 2mm craft foam, cut it out sorta heart shaped, paint it how you want it with nail polish. Then fold it in half over the hook. I used a few drops of super glue to keep it in place, then coated it with a thin layer of epoxy. This one kinda looks like crap cause it wasn't dry yet when I folded it so I forgot to spread out the unique hair more. But it sinks right, and flies like a dart. Maybe I'll trim it down a little and use it for bass
  22. Graham, Try www.fishermansfeathers.com I ordered a super grade neck from there last year and it was only like $170 which included shipping. I think there was only like 3 nails on the whole cape that were split, and they were barely split.
  23. Trying to finish up my pike box with some of these foam head streamers. Do you guys think theres enough hook gap on this fly? I have been tying these tonight and after 3 I'm starting to doubt if there is. The hook size is 4/0 One thing I like about them so far is they fly like darts. I pick one up and threw it across the room and it would have stuck in the wall if there was a point on the front :headbang:
  24. I would assume it is. I've got a few foam head baitfish drying right now. The heads are painted with NYC nail polish, then coated with epoxy. So I would assume it will work with sally hansens. You might want to spread a little hard as nails on a piece of paper and then coat it with epoxy first and see what happens, just to be safe.
  25. Lokin good Matt. Gota love those bugger barns. I saw a truck on my way home from work last week with a bugger barn sticker on his tool box in the back. I felt like he was my brother
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