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  1. Hey Jarrod thats a great tutorial, maybe you could try an extended body eastern brown, grey or green drake, I have been messin with these but cant seen to get them right. I have been trying to tye them on tiemco 500U #16's. ANything you can do would be great.
  2. Presently I am ridin the pogy wagon, but when the constuction picks back up Ill be back in the quarry operating rock crushers and various other pieces of heavy equipment.
  3. I had to patch my neo's and I have one word "GOOP". This stuff is great and its really flexible and strong. No need for patch or anything just smear it over the hole with a popsicle stick in thin layers. I even use it to patch my chainsaw cutting pants for work and they end up twice as strong. About 7 or 8 bucks a tube.
  4. I hope they get there soonfor ya RJ. I put my addy as a return address, I'll let you know if they show up back here. Thanks alot for posting that pic Ken.
  5. I did buy mine late in the season, for the price I hope it last me longer than one or two years. Actually thinking about it now I do remember it having alot of memory.
  6. Bought a WF5F wonderline for my resident trout fishing last summer, I love it. But then I did upgrade from a fairly cheap, used SA line.
  7. Daryn is it just coincidence your stories have something to do with drinkin or bologna! Guess theres not a whole lot to do but drink and tie flies oh and eat bologna under all that snow! Cheers buddy!
  8. Not to sure if they will have it but have you tried www.downloads.com?
  9. Wow mail on a saturday! Glad you like them, cant wait to see the rest.
  10. Got two of them myself, there well worth there value. However guidebrod spools dont seem to sit on the pegs, oh well I mostly tie with UNI anyway.
  11. Mr. Trout

    Early BWO

    I have found patterns for the dun and the spinner but no luck finding a suitable nymph pattern can someone point me the right way?
  12. Sent my flies in this afternoons mail, should get em early next week.
  13. Great thanks RJ. Well I just got back from the post office and things didnt go as smooth as I hoped. First, anyone that sent a SASE with American stamps, they werent worth the paper they were printed on. Canada Post only accepts Canadian postage stamps, for postage. For anyone participating in Canadian hosted swaps, you should use the universal postage coupons as a couple guys did, for return postage. Second, any containers over 23mm (not sure of the conversion) had to be sent at a more expensive rate. If it was over 23mm, it cost around $4CAN and if it was under in was $1.70CAN. So anyway I covered all the costs (about $13CAN plus all the universal postage coupons I had received (6x $1.75US, I hope you guys dont mind me using them), hoping the favour would be returned one day if need be. I hope everyone enjoys their flies, I certainly will. PS- If you did put stamps on an envelope they could still be good to use if you can get them off.
  14. Ok all the flies are in I am going to the post office right now to mail them. Again I would like to thank everyone for their participation in this swap which resulted in great batch of flies. You all should have them shortly. I would also like to thank everyone who included extra flies for me to enjoy, now I really need some new fly boxes! Ladies and gentlemen this concludes the Great Lakes Steelhead Swap!
  15. Looks great you must have got the new FF& FT mag too. I only hope I can tye those one day!
  16. Looks pretty good, so much so that even the egg looks like its smiling!
  17. I was kinda hopin the length would still give enough control, I am getting a pretty sweet deal on it (private sale). I have a 7 weight but its only 8'6". I tend to like the longer rods for nymphing and such. Thanks for the advice though maybe Ill just wait for another one to come along.
  18. I am purchasing a Sage DS2 9'6" 5 weight, has anybody here owned one, this will be my first major rod/reel purchase and would like to hear some opinions. I also need to select a modest priced reel, I was wanting a large arbour, any suggestions? Hope to use it for steelhead this spring.
  19. Mr. Trout

    Fly order

    I like Balogna as much as the next guy but what on earth would a man do with that much bologna. OMG what a thread thata hilarious!
  20. thanks a ton exactly what I was looking for
  21. Ok only one more package to come in I received WCoutfitter's flies today they look great. I hope they come tomorrow! BTW do any of us have a camera that they could take a picture of their received flies and post it, I think all the flies are great and we should show em off a bit!
  22. I had a line given to me and I am not sure what weight it is. I am sure however it is a WF?F. How can I find out what weight line it is?
  23. Rj flies came in today they look great, were on a roll here just waitin for the last two packages to arrive.
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