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  1. This is where I love my William Joseph chest pack. It has a large fly patch inside the front pocket. I store all my used flies here where they can dry and closing the zippers on the pocket stops me from losing my flies while they dry, as opposed to a conventional fly patch on your vest or otherwise. Most times they are all dry before I even get home, and if not the patch is attached by velcro and I can just take it out and hang it up somewhere.
  2. This is where I love my William Joseph chest pack. It has a large fly patch inside the front pocket. I store all my used flies here where they can dry and closing the zippers on the pocket stops me from losing my flies while they dry, as opposed to a conventional fly patch on your vest or otherwise. Most times they are all dry before I even get home, and if not the patch is attached by velcro and I can just take it out and hang it up somewhere.
  3. QUOTE since we are on the subject of pets here's an Idea....take a 50 gal. aqarium, set it up so you can cast a tip section of a rod and a leader tied to the tip. add a fly tied like fish food (tetra flake fly) now cast into the tank....watch out the guppys will hit hard... I am moving next month, and with me I have to take a 10" Oscar who resides in my 50gal aquarium. I was considering this method for catching him and getting him outta the tank into a transport container using single barbless hook of course.
  4. I guess another large concern is that these activists wont stop at the 50g and under. Some of these anglers that are on the front lines of this argument truly believe that the will then try to ban anything with lead, so that means rods, reels and anything else that ties to your fishing line, that contains even trace. This is where I would have to draw the line, and the government and their agencys would be pushing to far.
  5. Received flies from steeladdict on Friday, so hopefully the last three batches come in this week and I can have all flies en route to your fly boxes by weeks end!
  6. QUOTE I think that the cost debate is moot. We spend a small fortune every year on fishing goods that a slight increase in shot cost isn't going to cripple anyone, or prevent them from fishing. I agree Art I this is why I am having trouble taking up arms with these guys. If cost is the only thing we have to worry about and a small increase at that, then why all the outrage against the ban. I think as fisherman and people who care about the environment this isnt such a bad thing.
  7. QUOTE Why would it cripple the industry, there is plenty of other material to make sinkers out of? For that matter, many fisherman I know use other metals anyway bismuth, clay, steel, tin, glass, tungsten beads and putty This is the question I am asking, I know there are other materials, seems everyone else up here doesnt want to use them. As well they are worried that the ban wont stop at tackle, I dont even know what else it could affect really. My concern for lead is just the initial expense of switching over as untill the supply is abundant for other materials we are likely gonna get raped at the tackle store.
  8. I am a member of a local forum in Canada here similar to FTF, and there is a huge debate going on right now on the proposed lead ban on fishing tackle below 50g. I am aware that some states, I believe New Hamshire is one and a few of your National Parks, have already done this and I was just curious as to how this affected the sportfishing industry. Many here believe that this will absolutely cripple the sport fishing industry. I myself am undecided about the ban but I was looking for imput from fellow anglers on how this has really affected them. I cant see it ruining the indusrty as we humans are known for evolving, are they just trying to fight change or do you think that a fight against the ban is legitimate?
  9. I received flies from ramprat today they look great, so just waiting on a few more parcels to arrive hopefully this week. Waiting for: Bly 65 RJButler WCoutfitter Steeladdict
  10. Thats awesome thanks for the tip, now I can make a little more sense outta these hatch charts
  11. Went to London yesterday and bought myself a Durango (perfect for haulin boys to the river so I was told). I also met Artimus and he gave me his swap submission. However we got yakin so much I forgot to ask him what they were called. Maybe you can help me on this Art! Little beauties though let me tell ya. So just over a week to go I hope everyone has their flies in the mail soon.
  12. Here is my swap submission, a Marabou Muddler (white and silver)
  13. Right on Art, I will take you up on that, hopefully before opener. Its great to meet someone that shares the same passions and willing to share their knowledge and vice with a less experienced angler You'll be hearing from me. Tight lines.
  14. I agree with that, like my Dad always said KISS, keep it simple, stupid! I think a video archive of some sort would be just as great for the reasons you mention. Would anyone be willing to do this though when there is already a commercial market for fly tying videos etc. Or are we just so blessed to have a great buch of guys here at FTF that are willing to share their knowledge. Either way how would we start? Would the forum admin be willing to dedicate extra time to another section of this forum? I would like to see it so someone could post a video lesson on a fly of their choice but also so one could requset instruction on a particular fly from one of our pro's.
  15. Right now I use MSN Messenger 7.0 (beta) and I have had more than one cam at a time no more than two though before it gets rough, I am not sure if older versions would support this. Great to see so mo much positive feed back about this. I think doing a trial would be great now how about someone volunteering to give some instruction and a few others to be students. To avoid poor broad casting maybe we could try scheduling these between peak internet usage times. My connection is a steady 100.0 Mbps, and as long as I am talking to someone with comparable connectivity then I usually have no probs with chopiness, however dial up people might have a new reason to switch to broadband if available!
  16. Yes, you can have muliple cams at once, but would that bog out and cause you to loose streaming video? This would be important for watching particular parts of a flies construction. That was my biggest concern if we get this off the ground.
  17. Last night I met Artimus (great guy cant wait to fish with him) and had the chance to discuss an idea I have been kicking around. Live, real time, tying lessons possibly using MSN messenger and your web cam. I was wondering if there were any seasoned pro's out there that would be willing to give instruction to beginner and intermediate tyers. The best part is it wouldnt have to tye (no pun intended) up this site in order for it to work. Art and I figured that there would have to be basic requirments for this to work, such as cameras that would have good enough resolution for clarity, connection speed broadband would likely be ideal. I am not much of a wizard with that stuff but maybe Will or someone would know better. For myself, and others I am sure, would have to drive an hour or more to reach anywhere that I could receive commercial tying lessons, not to mention the costs. Maybe we could generate a list of willing tyers and what they specialise in on this board and a way to request a tying lesson. Lessons would not have to be long, and could have as many or few as internet/computer capabilties allow. Also with audio capability added in it would be a great way for beginer tyers like myself to receive invaluable instruction. Anyway maybe I am just dreaming but just thought I would run it by you.
  18. I seen the exact ones ones you are refering to at Bas Pro, I figured that the Griffin was the wiser choice I didnt like the look of the ceramic, without any protection. I bought mine about 2 months ago and my last trip to Bass Pro I meant to buy another Griffin but all they had at the time was the Sunrise bobbins. For a big store I expected a better materials selection, for that matter a better rod selection as well. Great selection of reels though I thought.
  19. Flies are startin to arrive I received a parcel from sorearm today, still to arrive are: bly 65 artimus RJButler WCoutfitter Ramratyow Steeladdict Still two weeks left until due date cant wait to see the rest.
  20. Wow thats quite the move. Hope you dont get eaten by a polar bear!
  21. I hate to say this but sometimes the best place to start is by buying a tying starter kit. They usually come with everything to get you tying and, you dont have alot of money invested if you dont like it. Once you get going you can start thinking about different patterns and what kind of hook your gonna need to keep everything in proportion.
  22. I was wanting to tie some bead head nymphs the other, so I went to my local fly shop to buy some beads. I am using #16 Mustad nymph hooks. The "expert" told me that a 1/8" bead would work fine, guess what it didn't. So what I am wondering does anyone have a system for selecting which size of bead to use on different size hooks. Hoping the experts here can handle this question a little better.
  23. Well I hate to leave anyone out when we have another month before our flies are due so I let steeladdict sign up today so ya that mean 1 more fly each. This gives us ten tyers, and that is final ( I promise). If you havent confirmed your spot please msg me and I will send you my mailing info. So far I have these people confirmed: artimus atroutbum2 bly65 rampratyow RJButler Steeladdict Sorearm (must be because he is so ambitious, he is done already) wcoutfitter (flies done) Fly1 Great everyone should have my address cant wait to see the flies.
  24. Well this is my thinking on the whole front, back thing: Every Canadian coin in circulation has a queen on one side and either a maple leaf, a beaver, the blue nose, a caribou, a loon, a polar bear on some 2nies, there for since each denomination has at least one side different I would consider the side that was the same to be the back of the coin. Maybe you old timers could straighten this young lad out in this matter!
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