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  1. My vice is an integra worked ok for a while but the jaws are all beat up on them. Found a vice I liked for 30 bucks, holds down to a 22, for my experience I cant see buying an expensive vice. If I figure out that I just suck at it I can buy my flies, so I guess I would rather buy a new rod or reel instead.
  2. Well this invite has been open 4 a while and I finally got 9 of us together here you are: sorearm - flashy bugger atroutbum 2 - t.b.d. bly65 - blm nymph artimus - t.b.d. Fly1 - Satans Preference (sounds awesome) RJButler - something electric blue Wcoutfitter - Bright roe Rampratyow - bunny fur Mr. Trout - t.b.d. Ok that way better than I hoped 4, dont worry this is my first swap too and meister (go big or go home ) for that matter. I cant wait to see your patterns. And so for a date I was thinking if we all have flies mailed by the end of February Please send me a PM to confirm your spot.
  3. I bought a WJ chest pack from a friend of mine who didnt really seem to like it. Originally I bought it for my girlfriend to use but once I tried it on she inherited my old chest pack. Myself I think they are one of the best ways to go, especially if you like to travel light. Ya you do need to downsize your boxes, but the other features far outway this. What I like best is the front pocket that lays out flat as a mini work surface, and it has a waterproof bag inside as well. Another good thing is for winter fishing when you want to bundle up with a few extra layers the strap adjusts in a sinch and doesnt get a tight like some vest may do with the extra layers. I started out using it for small stream fishing but it stiil can handle enough gear for my steelhead trips. I think there is a couple different sizes you can get I believe mine is the smallest.
  4. Not sure what magzines you can get but the winter issue of Fly Tyer has an article on page 28 by John J. Capowski called the Upside Dun. You can find out how to get the magazine at www.flyfishingmagazines.com
  5. Thanks bluenose I was going to say the same. I got 16 right but funny I knew every question agout the states. I guess I figured that it was just common knowledge especially for you Yanks , guess Canucks just pay a little more attention. Mmarkey, the way the US dollar is going I thought it was hardly worth remembering!!!!!!!!!! Careful if it keeps it up you might start seeing a whole lot of us Canucks down on your rivers and such!!!!!!!!! Have a good deh, Ehhhhhhhhhhhh!
  6. Well I guess this one is gonna take some time to fill. If we cant get enough people maybe we could do a couple flies each for each other?
  7. I am interested in doing a swap with any Great Lakes Steelhead pattern you wish. I am looking to divesify and fill my fly box (and help a few others do the same) for some spring steelheadin. I was thinking 11 plus myself and Flytyingforum.com rules apply. I have only been tying about a year myself so if your new dont worry all flies will be appreaciated. I am in Ontario so anyone worried about postage costs heres your heads up. I will give a date pending 11, I'm ins. Right on here's the list so far: sorearm - flashy bugger atroutbum2 - t.b.d bly65 -blm nymph artimus -t.b.d 7 Spots left
  8. Ya thats what I mean a great group of guys
  9. Opener? Man I dont even know, The Sydenham, The Beaver, The Big Head, The Sauble, The Saugeen, The Grand, the list goes on and everyone of them is within and hour to my house and are all beatuiful waters for fly fishing, not to mention the hundreds of spring creeks wandering around the countryside up here. But being honest with myself I think I would like to be hookin up with some browns way up on the Syd. Saw a friend of mine hook a small brookie and as he was bringing it in about a 5 or 6 pounder attached itself to his brookie. Ill never forget the look on his face when the brown spit out his brookie right at his feet and continued on his way! Ever since something has drawn me back to that area time and again.
  10. No prob man its all good (as long as we are all friends). We Canadians know were up one on ya anyway we've always been on top!!!!! No offence intended, if I did.
  11. Well being that I am directly across the pond (Owen Sound) from you hopefully it will work. However I have not been able to find a pattern for it maybe you could help?
  12. Never heard much good about that store unless you got thousands of dollars to spend anyway.
  13. If edited this in complete embarassment sorry guys just let my opinions get the best of me. I guess not all forums have such a great group of people.
  14. Myself I use area specific hatch charts. Although not always 100% right on when the hatch starts or stops it gives you alot better idea what to be looking for when you get to the river. Its a good idea to keep a journal or something so you have your own personal log of what was going on at that time of year. Writting down what you used and which of them worked or didn't is easier than trying to remember year after year, especially if you fish rivers in differnent provinces or states.
  15. I have to agree my girlfriend caught a decent smallie this past summer on something (cant remember what) that came outta my boxes of dries and nymphs that I use for trout.
  16. Mr. Trout

    Darn Dog!

    Aww, thats gotta suck My dogs used to chew stuff (never my fishing stuff) they say it could be caused by anxiety.
  17. I think Red/Royal Adams would be good for that pattern.
  18. Mr. Trout

    Stuck Ferrules

    One of the fellowes I fish with bought a brand new St. Croix pack rod and it actually came with some sort of wax or lube from the factory. I have always used paraffin and never had any problems tearing down a rod (knock on wood).
  19. Thanks for help fellas, I'm not real techie but I have a few that could be posted, ill try
  20. Tough call on this one. Had quite a bit of fun last year on the Beaver fishin those mayfly hatches. But got some steelies in the Sydenham on caddis early fall. Hmmmmm.... Yup gotta be the caddis hatch, myself I use an elk hair pattern.
  21. I believe it was a fly tying kit I wanted 4 my nephew. I believe it had something to do with the feathers.
  22. That would be great I spend alot of time on that river after opener. I would really like to meet some other fly fishers/tyers in that area. You will have to let me know next time you have a meeting there. I really wish there was a better fly shop around there, but I guess with the mobs of float fishers in the area I dont see it happening.
  23. Up here in the Great White North we do happen to have some really good in land steelhead rivers. The Big Head River in Meaford, Ontario has become one of my favorite rivers. However despite my best efforts I cant seem to find a pattern that consistently catches fish . Anyone here have ever fished it and what worked 4 u?
  24. Funny my girlfriend had a job as a telemarketer and its amazing they can even sell anything at all when we all have this instinctive hate for these calls.
  25. Love the forum should be helpful but I guess there is too many Canadians on this site. There isnt one hatch chart for north of the border maybe this is something you could consider adding?
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