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  1. I tried to order materials from an cabbellas and they would not ship them to canada because of something they said "agriculture reasons" oh well Ontario finally got a Bass Pro so now I'm set.
  2. Like many I grew up a baitfisherman. As an outdoors kind of guy I find flyfishing to be more advatagoeus in the many local streams where I live. I dont think I am better. I like the process of tying your own fly, locating a good hole and casting to and hopefully catch that trout.
  3. My first season of fly fishing for trout I fished with a reel that was worth $10, and caught almost as many fish as my buddy with the fancy stuff, if he caught more it more apt to be because he had over 20 years experience!!!!!!!! Now this fall I am gettin into some nice steelies and i dont have alot of confidence with the same cheap reels. I think a battenkill LA would be more suitable so I choose the 100 - 200
  4. I have found loops very helpfull although I still like a good old nail not
  5. Guess we all gotta start somewhere. But I am relativly new to fly fishing and fly tying I am looking for some insite from seasoned pro's and amateurs alike to increase my effectivness on any river. I gotta say I wish I could have learned this sport earlier, at 25 i got alot to learn before I retire and really have time on my hands!!!! I would especially be interested in speaking with anyone familiar with southern georgian bay, eastern lake huron tributaries.
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