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  1. I own well over a dozen rods in 3,4,5,6, and 7 weight. By far most are in the 4,5 and,6 weights
  2. Hyperbole Mike, they just seem like they weigh 2 lbs when casting.
  3. Yes, I definitely cast and fish at greater distances than 50 feet when I'm fishing low, slow, and clear water for smallies on some of our wider more open rivers. Get too close and or make one too many false casts and they're gone. As to the over abundance of line types out there, I agree with others when they feel it is predominantly marketing and dollars driven. I get a kick out of the species select lines such as Rio's Smallmouth line. Is it ideal when I'm throwing large lightweight air resistant top waters or is it better when I'm throwing large articulated heavily weighted streamers that weigh 2 lbs ? and can I still use it to cast similar flies to largemouth or northern pike ? Ha Give me just a well made Bass Bug taper that floats high and dry and I'll decide what I'm going to use it for.
  4. I do remember as a boy using something called wigglers, which I later found out were Brown Drake mayfly nymphs
  5. The Gnat is my favorite dry in many of the small streams I fish since the midges are almost always present. Well done.
  6. Hey guys, what are some of your favorite flies that you might use to catch yellow perch in the lakes of northern Wisconsin and Minnesota ? As always, thank you for your input.
  7. very nice and I'm amazed that you keep that many colors of peacock herl, well done !
  8. Most everything I tie is a larger streamer and my Regal has worked well for me for over 20 years. A long time ago I had an HMH and larger hooks continually slipped no matter how well tightened down and so it had to go.
  9. Surprised not more love for black, anyway: Grizzly Dun Black
  10. Would sure work for me, ha. Where did you come up with that beauty for the basses.
  11. I agree with all of the above. A really good value for a "whole lotta feathers" and will tie very fishable flies to be thrown but not as nice as Whiting when they are to be shown.
  12. We, my grandfather and father, used to make use of those old Sucrets tin boxes of which I think I still have one.
  13. Saw the first hoppers of the season this week around here. Need to get a few large ones ready for the smallmouth as well.
  14. After building rods for many many years, I own too many to really have a favorite and not sure anything could be considered that odd (maybe a glass or multi piece travel rod ? ) Several of the rods do have decorative feather inlays, decals, or thread work that make them unique.
  15. There are as many formulas for hand tied leaders as there are people who tie their own leaders (and I think I've tried them all). In the end, you'll find something that works for you. I myself prefer to keep it rather simple with less knots and so the majority of my smallmouth leaders are made of Berkley Big Game (Lefty's favorite) and have no trouble turning over my largest articulated flies. I have also used Flouro in the past but have found that the knot strength leaves something to be desired. It has handled everything I've asked of it, including those wonderful surprises that occur now and then. 4 ft of 30 lb mono 3 ft of 20 lb mono 2-3 ft of 10 lb mono
  16. I really enjoy Davie McPhail's videos but I wish they came with subtitles : )
  17. Ahh, modern fly lines, now that's where I pull my hair out. We had a decades old system to tell us what a designated fly line weight was for the first 30 feet, and from that we could determine whether we wanted to over or under line our rod for a specific application but today, we have some lines that are designed a 1/2 weight heavier, or one full line weight heavier, or with SA's Titan, a full 2 line weights heavier than what was defined by in the past but yet they all carry the same line weight rating. Much of this is due and in response to the fact that many of today's rods are under rated from how they may have been rated in the past. You really have to pay attention when replacing a line as it can be quite confusing.
  18. Steeldrifter has it correct in my opinion. CCS simply offers another piece of useful data on a rod or blank, just like the manufacturer when they subjectively call a rod a 5 wt or 6 wt. The CCS determination is objective and repeatable and though it still doesn't give you the whole picture, it will allow you to compare one rod or blank to another. I've been building rods for decades and use it whenever available to give me an idea how fast a rod is likely to be and what line weight range is likely to be appropriate. I only wish all rod and blank manufacturers like MHX made this information available.
  19. robow7


    I think you're going to like it. I don't own a Peak but have tied on a friend's several times and if I were in the market for a new rotary vise, that would be one of a few at the top of the list.
  20. May I ask what keeps the frog pattern above from riding hook down ? Thank you all for your suggestions and taking the time to post photos of your flies.
  21. Do you fine fellows have a favorite weed guard that you might tie into some of your larger bass streamers that actually works ? InTheRifle has videos of the 3 most popular mono weed guards that I know of but was just curious if anyone felt that one was better than the other or maybe a different design ......... weedless but not fishless. As always, thank you for your input.
  22. Very nice but I want to know how you fine fellows can see those size 22 dries at a distance in order to fish them ?
  23. My first "real" vise was an old used Thompson but unfortunately by the time I got it, the instrument was showing a lot of wear and tear. On the other hand, it was sure better than using the vise clamps in my racquet stringing machine that I had been using. Ha
  24. I tie a lot of bass flies and a couple years ago I started using Veevus 140 PB (power thread) and have never looked back. Stuff is really strong, handles well, and I can spin deer hair with it easily and will remain flat if desired. If only it wasn't so expensive as compared to others.
  25. The greatest lie ever told ! Ha
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