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  1. Ive fished this little tail water a couple of times and done well. Copper Johns and Zebra midges have produced many catches. Since Im from Texas I have to relearn the subtleties of trout fishing from that of bream and redfish on the Gulf coast. Any fly options during the winter or tips yall may offer would be appreciated.
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    I can really see the water churn. What' the recipe?
  3. I'm late to the party, but I can add some experience to your choice option. Tarpon 160 (16ft) offers speed and superior handling in open water (Gulf of Mexico), but depending on the size and flow of the rivers you fish it may not be practical. I'm mounting a trolling motor on my Tarpon because after a day of paddling and casting in the Texas/Louisiana summer a paddle back to the launch site 5 miles back is tough for us over 50 plus guys. Nativewater offers superior stability for casting distances over 40ft if necessary, but the stealth of the kayak seldom makes it a requirement. My Multisport is peddledrive, but is more akin to a sled and can't keep up with the Hobie option. I use it to hold against tide for fishing points and against river current. It shines because it can paddle backwards and I can parallel parks her almost anywhere that is 14" deep. Smaller sit insides that have foot rests and knee braces can be super maneuverable in smaller streams check out the Dagger line or Liquid Logic Myst 9.5 at 28# it's a great option for smaller/faster water add a spray skirt and weather is less a problem. Bigger guys need bigger boats. Down here in Texas the bigger shops have kayak demo days. Before I chose one I took my fly rod and tried them all. Fly fishing venues require specific fly rods (length,weight right?) so it is with kayaking on the Gulf Coast requiring various kayak applications and multiple kayaks(I'm lucky,my wife understands). Hope this helps.
  4. Anyone have the directions on this fly? I saw it in action on redfish . It's a keeper.
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