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  1. I dont really have interest in bigger flies but i was looking for some hooks and ran across some gamakatsu R18-b unfortunately only in size 10 for like 3.50 a pack.

    you guys think i should get some? i was thinking i could always try them for smallmouth or a heavy hopper or something. thanks

  2. I want to split some pearsall floss for tying. I split about 6 feet no problem, so I think I can split it in to 20' long pieces or so. But I dont have any empty spools. And the plastic sewing bobbins have a notch I dont want to run on my renzetti bobbin and score the spool holder. And ideas for spools to hold floss that's split into 6 or 9 strands?

  3. Lol. Lots of interesting responses. Yes I have been a long time interested in fly tying and tackle making and crappie jigs. I've been making custom crappie jigs and molds for over ten years. And have used flies and ice jigs without a fly rod or ice fishing for probable 20 years. I just adapt what's available for my purpose. I've noticed many a time that certain fish will only touch very small offering in pressures areas. Yes I need to get tying , I'm planning on it this winter. I'm just very inquisitive.

  4. Sorry for the mixup. I just started tying but I have been using daiichi 1110 hooks for ice jigs and just bare hooks so I have some around. I'm looking for a pic with a c12-bm next to another hook to see how small they actually are. Like say a c12-bm next to a size 20 dry fly or what ever you might have

  5. Hello all, im new here and never tied a single lure.

    I just made a mold for pouring jigheads and would like some help for tying them.

    I would like to tie them with the same material as lindy uses on ther quiver jigs which

    is listed as super-fine denier nylon. Its has a ton more movement than marabou.

    I also have no equipment and need to know what tools would make tying these easier other

    than a vise,bobbin,scissors. Hair stacker?


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