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  1. Wilson's bully (not sure on the name) is simple- cheneille body, rubber legs up by the eye, works great. Mc Ginty is another great one and foam spiders are easy. My favorite was to glue 2mm foam together (3m foam fast 77) and then punch out bodies with a sharpened piece of brass tube. Put a needle through it and you have an instant popper. Love the sucking sound gills make when they hit surface bugs. Have a pic of this? Seems interesting!
  2. Having a heck of a time getting a login on my registration. It appears that the confirmation email is getting lost somewhere in gmails spam filter....i just know I cant get in! I sent a message to the admin today.
  3. MIKE*A What type of fishing are you looking for? Wade, boat, bass, trout?
  4. Just found out that we are moving to the ATL area from the Nashville area. Wife is looking for suggestions on where to live. It appears that that the Chattahoochee is a pretty remarkable fishery. However, that northern crescent of Atlanta can be pretty pricey to live in. There is the Flint river south of Atlanta and I am rather intrigued but the notion of the Shoal Bass. We have a little girl growing up that I would like to teach how to fly fish. So having a shorter drive to fishable water would be great! I have a fishing kayak as well. What are your 2 cents?
  5. Thanks all for letting me in on my first swap. Take pity on my Bully's Blue Gill Spider. Im still a newbie but am rather proud of the progress that i have made so far. Each of the flies I kept in chronological order as I tied to watch my progress. I was pleased to see the growth. The pain is keeping those rubber legs in a perfect x. Any pointers for the future?
  6. Never done a swap before.... but could I do a Bully's Bluegill Spider? I know it is not hard to tie but I will be able to fit them in while juggling an 18month old...
  7. I too have been perplexed by this. Oasis makes some nice stuff - but dang is it expensive (or rather I am just that cheap). What I have been using recently is a cheap wooden cutting board from ikea. It has a "trough" routed around the outside to catch any rolling beads or dropped hooks and has a raised section which I attach the vise to. I have also drilled some holes (not the whole way through) to accept the bottom size of my cement bottle and various tools. I have also counter sunk some pretty strong magnets to which I stick my hooks that are drying or awaiting time in the vise. I have some CAD drawings I am working on for a better laptop bench and hope to start building it when the workshop warms up some. Tying on the sofa is not ideal - but I do get a lot more tying done. As my wife says we need to spend some "time together". it makes her happy I am not hiding away in the guest room and I am still able to tie. When I am done I stick the whole device on my usual desk in the guest room and continue to tie off of it. So setup and tear down is negligible. Just my 2cents...
  8. Happen to have a material list or tutorial? Looks very promising for some of the streams in Middle TN.
  9. I just have recently been doing just this technique w/ some propellers I have gotten from BPS. They have only 2 sizes at my nearest store in Nashville. I have been taking a simple wooly bugger but adding a second bead to the front and putting the prop in between. A word of advice - if you weight your bugger w/ lead, plus two beads, and the prop you get a dive bombing fly. Not a problem if that is what you want. I have used these in the olive/sculpin color w/ a bunch or weight and fished it almost like a bass jig on the Stones River and had more success than a standard bugger. Im a noob at tying and fly fishing so take my advice for what its worth.
  10. Although I do not post all that often, I am a lurker not a fighter ;-) , I gotta say this is the the single best site on the internet for help and support. The simple act of being able to converse with the person who actually tied the pattern and get constructive help is immensely positive. I know that not every tier has time to answer questions etc but more often than not you can find your answer somewhere else on this same site. The pattern database is a true gem - at times tough to sort through, but just the best thing out there. Sometimes getting "lost" while looking for a pattern is the best thing to happen! Whomever contributes to the site, keep it up. If you don't want to contribute positively - check out some of the other sites out there, no need to pee in our end of the pool.
  11. Wow what a response! Any idea where I could find that article you are referring to?
  12. Just curious about what you all think. I still am a beginner at fly fishing and tying so I am looking for advice on what is quick and easy, but works well. I am pretty good w/ buggers but beyond that I still cannot make 2 flies look the same when tied in succession. Thanks!
  13. Never knew these were of any value.... we got our soffets etc torn off from a tornado and these guys promptly setup shop in the pieces that were left hanging. We live in a nice neighborhood - I am now known as "that guy who sits in his driveway with a pellet gun guzzling beer and staring at his house".
  14. Boy does that tickle my fancy.... have a material list/ tying instructions? Great looking bug!
  15. Could you describe the cheap-0 walmart boxes?
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