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  1. Shane I really like that fly. This is the first time that I have seen a person use that style of hook for a dry fly. I know that those hooks can make a killer midge cluster pattern. Nice tie. I might have to tie a few of these before I go to Yellowstone this summer. Travis
  2. I see all of your beautiful flies on here and it makes me green with envy. This summer I will be posting some of my own flies, right now law school is kicking my butt time wise. I was wondering how to dye feathers, more specifically what do you use? I have heard about using kool aide, but I was wanting to dye some dry fly saddles that I bought for cheap and didn't know if kool aid would be a good idea. I was also thinking that kool aid might give too much color, in that I am looking to try to dye a regular grizzly cape olive, and another grizzly cape more of a olive yellow. Like I said, I got these capes cheap and I was wanting to play around with them. Any help is greatly appreciated. Travis
  3. I would look for the boils just like what was previously mentioned. I know that in my local lakes that you can see a whirlpool form when the shad are all together and that every once in a while you'll see the whirlpool break up and you know that a fish just hit at the shad. Shad imitations work great. I've always wondered if a popper would work well if you tossed it right outside of one of these boils.
  4. I really appreciate the help on my question. Thanks, Travis
  5. I have a question about the articulation. What do you use to bind the front hook to the back hook? I have never tied and articulated streamer before and I think I want to try to tie this fly, but in a wooly bugger. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Travis
  6. Nice. I like this alot and I bet it has great motion in the water. Looks + Motion= Fish.
  7. Do you ever catch trout on sz 30 and 32 flies? Just curious, I know that the amount of skill that it takes to create a fly on a sz 30 hook must be great. Travis
  8. I'm in if you'll have me. I think I'll tie a black beetle. Travis.
  9. Nice! I know a guy down here in Missouri who swears by a wooly jig like that but only in olive. Looks like fish food to me.
  10. I've always had luck with stripping wooly buggers for stocked trout in ponds. White is good, I think that when they are first there that the fish are just looking for something to hit. After they have been there for a while I'll throw 1/124 mini jigs black on yellow and olive or brown wooly buggers. Hope that helps, Travis. Or if your just looking for dinner cork will always work too.
  11. I fish at Taney quite a bit which is part of the White River system, but not so much below Beaver where your friend is going. I was hoping to get down to Taney sometime soon, but it appears the generation won't stop anytime soon. Olive is a big color down here and yes, people use meat flies. Check the SWPA website to see how the units are generating, as Southern MO and Arkansas have been ponded with rain over the last few years. Scuds are huge at Taney, and I would imagine that they are just as effective in the White. Midges are good also, although I don't use them as much as scuds. I here people swearing by sz 18 and 20 tunghead zebra midges. Tell your friend not to look over the Little Red or the North Fork of the White either, he would be missing out on alot of great fishing if he did. Yes, the White river is great and holds lunkers, but don't forget that the Little Red held the world record brown until just recently. NFOW might be the best one that you have never heard of, and it holds browns and rainbows I know that Shad are coming through in spurts right now. I would think for someone who has never been on the White that a guide might be a good investment. Here is a good contact: (870)435-2169 http://www.berrybrothersguides.com [email protected] I hope this helps. ozarkanglers.com/forums has postings on the local rivers that might be of assistance. Travis
  12. I like your flies that you have been posting. Are you using razor foam for this one as well? Travis
  13. You guys are making me envious!! Never thought of going for catfish even though I am planning on going for carp this summer. Kansas City has 9.5 miles of public river access on the little blue river and one of my friends catches blue cats all the time. Very litttle pressure and he tells me there are alot of fish. I think that I will have to give this a try on a fly rod. Travis
  14. I've been tying for four years now, but I am just starting to get into epoxy flies as I have avoided them like the plague. I was wondering if I need a Rotary Dryer, and if I did then what would be an economical one that is decent. And, is there any particular type of epoxy that is favorable? Does the curing time make a difference? Thanks, Travis
  15. I just can;t seem to tye them as nice as the little ladies in Sri Lanka or the commercial tyer can! Hey now!! Orvis has its flies tied in Kenya!! LOL. I hate biots and epoxy. But I absolutely love playing around with ultra wire. I just tied a batch of flies about two weeks ago that tore up the little creeks in Southwest Missouri. I'm also getting into tying with zonker strips. But, law school has started again :wallbash: . Going to try to get out this weekend for one last trip until spring break.
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