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  1. Sorry I didn't post sooner. I got a great assortment of flys from FIN JUNKIE. Salt, freshwater bass, salmon and my first tube flies Ive owed. Santa must know I am equal opportunity fisher as this assortment matches my repotoire. Great ties fin. With the warm weather we've been having here in the NE, these may not even last until spring. Thanks to you and BFR for playing Santa.
  2. I'm in the same boat Kevin. I've ordered my wife to stop giving me stuff to do in November and I'm still waiting for her to obey. Ok not the same but I haven't tied for at least a month. Did you set a due date yet?
  3. Got my package on Saturday. I've been a bad boy this year and was only expecting coal in my stocking. Feel like a kid waiting for Xmas morning. Maybe I will convert to judaism so I can open it for Hanukkah instead!
  4. I've had paddlefish caviar. It's not bad but certainly not beluga. There is sturgeon in the Delaware river too. I've seen pics locally but never targeted or got one myself. I've heard it is quite the workout to bring those paddys to boat
  5. In between busting my hump and laughing , my roofer told me to stay off of "his" roof ( which happens to be on MY house.) Seems he didn't like my repair work from last year. I also want to know how a roofer can be sooooo informed about masonry to make more comments about my patchwork on the back of my garage. Maybe commercial lenders should stay out of the building trades???
  6. I have a hemlock in the front yard. Ill gather some cones up and give it a try. Great creativity! Be happy to gather for others. Pm me to discuss
  7. Here is a good site for saltwater lyfishing. No reds up here but reds take most of the same flys that stripers hit. http://www.aswf.info/home.html
  8. My Spanish wasn't too bad then? I have a heck of a time with conjugation.
  9. Congrats big guy!!! How about adopting me to fish those WV waters? It's always good to get a little Harmony into the world!
  10. Birds are nice but those dogs are real beauties!!!!! Nice offer for you to make too. I'm good on feathers but I wouldn't mind helping an under 16 year old on a tight budget with postage in order to get some. Eligible <16 should post how they could "pass on" catalpa joe's good karma, I'll send the stamps to him and Joe can pick out the most worthy. Sound good Joe?
  11. Kevin Id like to join. Let me think on the pattern for a bit.
  12. My fys flew today. Santa put some extra presents in as well!!
  13. Steve and all the nice police. I have a problem when people have the need to drag a fish and lay it on rocks (partially submerged or not) just to get a picture. You want to kill the fish, then kill it. I don't have a problem with that. And as far as being reprimanded Steve I'll remain "nice" and just leave my response to your imagination. I don't see an insult as I called myself the prig and only asked a decidedly sarcastic question. The hell with the first amendment as long as we are all polite. Ask around I don't think I've ever been known as a particularly mean fellow despite a tendency to break them on occasion. Bob
  14. I had a pie at Lucky Bones in cape may, nj that they served hot topped with normal toppings but then put a dressed arugula cold salad on top. Was great.
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