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  1. Cole, The standard tubes are white and the heavy are black. The outer dimensions of the tubes and frames are about the same on both, but the inner thread holes are larger on the heavy to allow large size thread like kevlar and size A rod thread. Both can be had in either straight legs or bent. I have both standard and heavy in the Umpqua "Ergo" bobbins, which is made by Tiemco.They are a little cheaper and have a flat offset to keep the spool in the palm of the hand while tying. I have used 3/0 uni to 8/0 uni in the standard bobbin and size A rod thread in the heavy. No grooving or fraying of thread after 8+ years of use. I would highly recommend them. Well worth the money. :thumbup:
  2. Here are some pics of the bass bugs & clousers. The poppers are from Feather-Craft. They come in a kit with foam bodys and s/s hooks in two sizes. You can use them as poppers or as sliders. You can color them with permanent markers. One of the slider pics I put in dumbell eyes in and used Loon Hard Head and coated the body, makes them dive a little deeper. You can use strung hackle,deer tail, or both with a little crystal flash. The colors of the clousers I use are olive/yellow with silver crystal flash and chart./white with silver or gold crystal flash, or a little of both.
  3. Their nothing special. What i've used the last few years are popper body kits I bought at Feather-Craft. I will drag them out of the closet and get some pics to post for you.
  4. Alright guys, don't be too hard on me,but please give your opinions. This is my first trout fly tied on my new Kingfisher vise. It's a sz.16 Elk Hair Caddis. For the last 10+ yr.s i've been tying bass fly's and clousers on some fairly large hooks on my Dyna-King FC Enhanced vise, so tying on hooks this small is a whole new ballgame.But, looks like i'm hooked for life now.
  5. Tired of the same old screen saver? I found a neat swimming trout screen saver at Flyfisherman.com. Pretty nice :thumbsup: Flyfisherman.com
  6. I just received my new Kingfisher vise today. The fit and finish is standard Dyna-King....EXCELLANT !!! :thumbup: I got the pedistal based version and even though I haven't got to tie on it yet, I see no problems why this would not be a great trout fly vise.
  7. Do you have a pic. of the "dead chicken"? I would love to see a pic. of one .........I have never seen that fly before.
  8. Well said Halcyon...... :thumbup:
  9. Well on this day I have a double whammy......It's valentines day and our anniversary. I ask her what she wanted to do for our anniversary and she said lets go fly fishing. What I didnt know was she had called the fly shop and had them put together a material package as a gift. I got a 2 packs of Whiting 100's,4 packs of hooks,5 packs of dubbing,2 packs of peacock hurl,1 pack of goose biots,4 spools of 8/0 uni thread,head cement, and got to spend some time on the water with my best friend. One hell of a day.Now i'm waiting on my new Dyna-King Kingfisher vise to get here and all will be perfect in the universe....... :yahoo: Did I mention I LOVE MY WIFE !!!!!!!! :headbang:
  10. I'm concidering a kingfisher for my trout flies. I've had their FC Enhanced for several years for tying bass flies and never had a problem at all with the jaws slipping, if they are adjusted properly. Do you guys with kingfishers use the pedistal or c-clamp with your vise?
  11. I went to sipsey today, and they stopped generatng water at 10am. I fished below the damn but didnt do any good. The best time will probably be tomorrow or sunday, since their not supposed to have the generators running this weekend. I also check the milage from I65. Its exactly 16.5 mls.
  12. Hey Dwhitt, Did you ever make it to Huntsville and check out "Alabama Outdoors Inc." ? As others have said, you may or may not save a great deal of money. But catching fish on flies you've tied is priceless. Also your able to change the colors and materials on standard flies to suit your needs. PS: The "Sipsey" was stocked again last week and with the warm temps this weekend the fishing should be great if they are not generating water. A guy posted a report from this past saturday with a nice 12" bow.
  13. I have the Oasis Pedistal Bench. About $40 most places. It holds a good bit of tools and thread. I\'m thinking of building a flex light to use in the vise stem holder on the left front. Oasis Pedistal Bench
  14. flyfisher46, See if the shop has the Dr. Slick tool set. It comes with the basic tools for around $50. It includes: bobbin,bobbin threader,whip finisher,bodkin/half hitch,hair stacker,hackle pliers,and 4" scissors. A great basic starter tool set.
  15. I'm an electrician and been in the electical field for 25yr.s. I tie for myself and fly fish for anything that will bite a fly, which in my area is bream, bass, striper, and trout. Randy
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