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  1. Here in Scotland it is really windy and it is cold not snow yet. Andrew
  2. Hi Has anyone got any good Rainbow Trout patterns for this time of year. And could you tell me the method of fishing the flys please Thanks Andrew.
  3. Hey, Can you explain to me how to use a dubbing loop and some flies to use it for. Trout flies only. Thanks Andrew.
  4. Hi to all fly tyers, I was just wondering if anyone had any spare flies they could pass to me. I would pay or tye the same as you send and send yours back. Thanks very much. Andrew.
  5. Hi to all Is there anyone out there who could tye me some trout and grayling Dry flies and Nymphs and i will return the favour. Thanks. Andrew.
  6. Hi to all, could anyone tell me some really good Rainbow trout flies for winter time in stillwater. Thanks very much Andrew.
  7. Hi, could you tell me how to tye this fly and what materials you have used. Many thanks Andrew.
  8. Hi, Could you tell me what materials you have used in that fly please Many thanks Andrew.
  9. Hi, Could you tell me what material you have used please Many thanks Andrew.
  10. hi, Could you tell me the pattern for the fly please Thanks very much Andrew.
  11. Hi to all Could you tell me a mayfly pattern and a mayfly nymph pattern please. Many thanks Andrew.
  12. I will send them right away. Thanks Bub Here are some i was catching on today there is a snatcher and a sedgehog also a little caddis larve there aswell as lures.
  13. I will send them right away. Thanks Bub
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