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  1. I prefer to use Dannevile's for the majority of my work although I sometimes like to use the uni products on trout fly's and I normally like to use Pearsall's when I am tying classic wet flies or for flies with quill wings just depends on what I am tying I guess.
  2. thanks, i will have to do so i have seen both websites its just hard to know what you are going to get without looking at it first... i have always been sort of iffy on mail ordering materials but then that is just holding me back, i will have to give them a shot.
  3. thanks zim i will have to try them its one thing too look but i am never sure of what i am going to get.
  4. Ok so I don't consider my self by any means to be a beginning tyer but it has been several years since i have tied on a regular basis. I don't really get out to fish much but i have always loved to tie flies. My biggest problem is obtaining quality materials since i don't really have any fly shops in my area i live in the midwest about as far away from any fly shop as a person can get... my big interest is tying classic wet flies and streamers. can any one out there tell me a good place to obtain good quality materials? maybe even give me a good point to start from in collecting such materials? any help is greatly appreciated. thank you.
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