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  1. The pattern looks pretty straight forward. I think they will work just fine - you might want to consider trying a couple other different colors too.
  2. Pretty standard Hare's ear tied on a scud hook. Great looking fly. I think the name works - lol
  3. It's all in the details - I love the picked dubbing for that extra bugginess!
  4. I am becoming more and more of a minimalist - I tie for the waters I fish - they are not always pretty to me, but they seem to turn on the trout just fine. As long as they float when they are supposed to and sink when they need to I'm happy
  5. San Juan Worms! Pink and Red size 14 and !8 - Scud hooks - quick and simple!
  6. I had thought it was someone's spin on a Brassie, but the chartreuse ones threw me. I thought they were little rockworms. It looks like the chartreuse have a black stripe from a permanent marker all the way along the back - very thin. Not sure if that is intentional. I just noticed it now.
  7. My buddy's son found someones lost flies along the bank and there were a couple of these guys in there. I tried one and it was the most effective fly of the day. I have tied a bunch in copper and chartreuse and both are fantastic. The head is just built up green holographic metallic thread with the black tying thread. I'm curious what exactly it imitates - I'm going with a caddis larva. And I would love to know who takes credit for this bad boy and what they call it. Anyone have any ideas?
  8. That is very generous of you - Three Cheers
  9. LOL - I'm going to hit up the grocery store right now!
  10. DSFlyman


    gotta go with flytire here. the fly looks awesome, but I think you might need to rename it.
  11. Damn, that thing is making me hungry. Nice fly.
  12. I'm still holding out for that picture : )
  13. I'll have to try the dungeon, I keep seeing it mentioned in posts
  14. I think fly fisher-people, like many other folk, have our superstitions. I've heard it said that fishing with confidence makes all the difference. Does this mean that the same fly fished the same way with two different anglers will catch a different amount of fish because of some fishy mojo? Well, either way, my curiosity has brought me to color. I recently posted about my fly with a dark green glass bead head. I had thought in the store that the beads were black, and after tying up some midges with them, I became concerned that their green hue would put off fish. Well, there were several threads where people piped in and suggested that water actually changes the quality of light, or at least how it is reflected off of colored surfaces. It was suggested that red is the first to lose it's color tone in the water. I tie several baitfish patterns that use red thread either behind the head or for a head. From my understanding, that color is supposed to suggest the gills of the agitated fish. Red has been used on several other patterns as well to attract fish for decades. The Royal Coachman is a perfect example. Any science minded folk have the current skinny on how trout see color? Based on what I keep reading, it almost seems like we could tie everything in black and shades of gray (I would never stoop to such a heretical level myself.)
  15. That is awesome - nice fly
  16. I've started some posts that talk about bargain materials and I just read that informative post on hooks. This is just my two cents, but I think it would be great to add a section of the forum for people to share bargains and suggestions on materials and equipment for tying.
  17. I'd love to see that. do you mind posting a snap?
  18. I suspect most of the stink on my fly comes from me and not the materials
  19. I better save the hair from my next haircut!
  20. I picked up these glass beads from a craft store. In the store the beads looked black except when hit with direct light they had a subtle green glow. Well I got home to realize they were really just green. I tied one up anyway. Any thoughts? Is this worth tying more with this bead?
  21. Yeah, I got some large sheets from Michaels too.
  22. As I was tying some big Fat Albert's last night, I realized that they probably wont even hit the water until late summer. Some flies that I tie, I can toss out all year round. Some have to wait for the right season. Do you keep that in mind when you sit at your vice, or are you like me and tie up whatever you feel like?
  23. It's sad to see so many businesses shutting their doors. I was driving by a fabric store when I saw the liquidation signs and did a U-turn. It was pretty much picked over, but I did find some metallic thread. Here is the wet fly I made. The thorax is black ostrich herl. Think the fish will find it tasty or am just going vice crazy?
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