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  1. is this swap still going? I just sent Riff a pm.
  2. I have been watching him for a few years, I love his videos.
  3. got the flies today, they all look great. I think i will try some of the patterns myself. I am planning a trip to Erie, PA this spring and will definitely try them there.
  4. not a problem, I was just checking to see if there were any more in yet.
  5. How many are you still waiting on Evan?
  6. shipped mine today after work. You should have them by monday.
  7. mine are done and i didn't get them in the mail yet. I have been working some wierd hours lately. I will get to the PO after work tomorrow or friday.
  8. http://www.flytyersdungeon.com/Materials/dubbing.htm
  9. have you tries FTD's Mr. Peacock Dubbing yet?
  10. is there any risk involved when washing materials that have been dyed? I was especially concerned when it comes to using oxy-clean.
  11. 2o mule team borax works great for preserving hides, you need to remove as much flesh and fat as possible and really put it on thick and let it dry for a while. i did this with a turkey tail for my dad and made him a nice display, it would also work for preserving them for fly tying. If you use salt try to use non-iodized.
  12. I also use dawn for my materials, I have even washed whole live chickens with dawn befor taking them to a show, lol.
  13. I have an older regal but I am looking to get a rotary vise eventually.
  14. those are some nice looking Crystal Meths. I know I said I would mail mine yesterday after work but I didn't get a chance to tie them till today, I got them done and will ship monday.
  15. I cut nebulizer tubing into 1/4" pieces and slide one on my bobbin tip and while I'm not using it I use the piece of tubing to hold the end of the thread so it keeps it from getting tangled, plus it keeps the tread from backing down the tube. While I'm tying dry flies I will use it to hold the hackles and wings back while tying the head and applying head cement. It works great, it is super cheap and it has multiple uses.
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