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  1. I met Jack Dennis at this years ISE in Phoenix.
  2. QUOTE (maddog48 @ Feb 19 2005, 04:55 AM) It's too bad that Al Campbell's series on FAOL isn't a book. He has some great stuff there. I have to agree with Jeff. There can be some pretty intimidating stuff in the Reference. Kaufmann's books make for a good read. Dave Hughes' Essential Trout Flies has some good stuff, also. Some pretty decent explanations and directions on patterns that go from basic to the more difficult. Mike It could be. I printed it off and put it in a binder (of course, at work. Dont want to waste my ink). Maybe have that in a links section.
  3. if you're still looking, a month ago overstock.com had J. Austin Forbes magneseum reels for about $75. I believe they wiegh about 2 oz.
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