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  1. perfect I'd say, good use of materials and resources!
  2. Hey that's a good lookin table! I have to ask, what are the little bowls for? Mid-fly snacks? LOL seriously just wondering. I put bead trays on mine, but always lookin for upgrades. I hear ya about the 'wife' that's why I made these, and most of the guys I know are in the same boat. -Clint
  3. I have recently been reading a book by Gordon Deval. One of which mentions 2 flies I can find little about, created by himself and Jack Sutton (creator of the peacock despair) I was wondering if anyone out there had any info regarding these two flies. 1: Muscarovitch (modified streamer with Squirel & Polar Bear over an organge body) **MAY ALSO BE CALLED: McStarkovitch 2: Brule (Bucktail Streamer, body pake Orange wood ribbed with gold tinsel. Buckwait yellow/green wing, no hackle.) I could have a go at them with the few details I have there, but if any one has more info I'd appreciate the heads up. -Clint
  4. This is gorgeous! I plan on building something along these lines soon for myself. give your dad my compliments on his workmanship! Clint
  5. Want to thank you just for the post. I have 2 complete turkey tail mounts that are a bit tattered and I have been debating how to clean them up! Off to the kitchen! (might I ask what you did other than steam? just massaged them into place?)
  6. Want to thank you just for the post. I have 2 complete turkey tail mounts that are a bit tattered and I have been debating how to clean them up! Off to the kitchen! (might I ask what you did other than steam? just massaged them into place?) I would definately do some muddlers! -Clint
  7. Actually I had another look at my box I posted orginally, if you look at the lid it has channels cut into it. I flipped it upside down and shook it, no no mix at all!
  8. dvs

    wooly bugger

    This is AWESOME! Gorgeous work, and a nice video! Would like to see more like this from you Sir. Clint
  9. Oh by the way Bassmouth, here's a screen shot of the travel tying station I'm working on in 3D at the moment. the inner box moves up to sit on the lid (shows one in each spot but there's only one) this is just a rough prototype. I actually have one that's changed quite a bit for the better, but this gives you the idea. Will post the updated one when I get it looking the way I have envisioned. Clint
  10. Love these ideas! I agree about the shifting although I've not had any issues since I basicly never move it but I'm sure it'll happen someday. Clint
  11. I was wondering what everyone else does with all the little hook boxes that make up a collection. Short of putting up peg board and hanging them like the shops do, so far the best I could come up with is these boxes made for bead collectors. $5 at walmart. They have 32 sections and each will easily hold 100 Hooks, if not 25 - 50 of the larger sizes. The bottoms are rounded to make scooping out the hooks a simple task. Also I cut the label off the package and stick it to the back wall of the section so I have all the info and brand should I need to replace. Thoughts? Sugestions? Happy to hear what you have to say. Clint
  12. Well it's all about what works, I wanted something organized and portable, something I could tie on in the livingroom to keep my wife company etc. So i bought a 4x8 sheet of white hardboard, figured I had enough with one sheet I can make a few and recover some costs. Now they're built and ready for sale, and I have a baby girl....... who loves feathers......... and so, even MINE is up for sale and I'm in the basement! Lmao....... Keep tying! (oh..... and let me know if anyone needs a bench..LOL) Clint PS> I've been watching your YouTube stuff Tim, love your work!
  13. Sciscors, 2 bobbins, maybe 4 spools (thread, tinsel, wire) whip finish tool, bobbin threader (optional) cement. hackle pliers. this would be bare minimum, often I find I like to have more - as shown below. I built this a number of years ago (I have a few for sale Ontario/GTA)
  14. I made my own a few years ago using some of my own ideas and a bit of what's already out there. I think this turned out awesome. I made several with the idea of selling them on commision at some local shops, but I haven't gotten to that yet. Anyone in the ontario/GTA area looking for a bench let me know. (ps the legs underneath are not a part of it - just a tv table.......) Clint
  15. As ALWAYS, an AMAZING tie! I'm always so impressed by your work and attention to detail, looking forward to more. Clint
  16. Oh and before I forget, a big KUDOS to your wife for making all this possible! Another good catch! -Clint
  17. :DROOL: wholly Schnikeys! that's a nice setup my friend. -Clint
  18. This is a really great peice of work! -Clint
  19. dvs

    Apple caddis

    Yet again, gorgeous! -Clint
  20. You continue to impress! Very nice fly! -Clint
  21. I've bought several from radio shack (Circuit City) for $1.00 a pair, if that helps. -Clint
  22. dvs


    That's a great site Floyd!! Now I know a different way to tie my shoes!!! http://www.animatedknots.com/shoelacefiegg...imatedknots.com
  23. dvs


    LMAO!! Thank god for Mr. Burns! great work!
  24. dvs


    As a guy who worked in the offhshore race boat painting industry I'd have to say finding a way to add the glitter to a clear coat or at the very least on top of a wet base coat would be best.
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