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  1. Scott E2 3wt and Diamondglass 3wt exclusive for gills. I even caught a a 18" bass on the Scott rod this year and not a problem as long there not much grass. Anything heavier than 3wt is waste! Got to have fun!
  2. I fish out of kayak as much as I can and usually have 3 flyrods with me. A 3wt, 6or7wt for smaller flies and 10wt. Which will cover the broad sprectum for the day. Matching the bait that bass want it on a given day is key. As for leaders I like one piece leaders as knoted leader will catch and hang on just about everything imaginable. Shorter leaders on heavier rods and bigger flies while I will go long on smaller stuff. Finf your niche that you feel works for you and go that way as everyone is different.
  3. The flies I use are in no way able to throw with a 8wt without wearing full protective armour. I would rather use the right gear to throw some of my biggest meanest flies then to just simply try to lop a fly out as it only so far with that ker plunk feeling and most likely slam it against your rod on thforward cast and breaking it! Why beat yourself? Like trying use your fist to pound a board in and you have a have a framing hammer by your feet.
  4. When you get the opportunity to catch a big bass you are going to wishing you had a 10wt. Especially around weeds and scructures. Sure you can do it with a 6wt but it definetly does not stop a bulldozering bass heading back away to its hideout and every time you will lose it. A fast 8wt may be a good starting point but it still not as good as 10wt. Targeting big bass wont get you a lot of fish either but the constant use of rather large flies in the 6-8"+ range will not be benefical on anything lighter than a 9 wt overlined with 10 wt line.
  5. I like wulff bass taper but any bass specific taper will. But keep in mind the best money is spent on line though. Rio Clouser taper line is great also as I use Intermediate a lot.
  6. Generally both, but its up to the fish for what they like. Experiment until you find something they really want to take. Take hype with a grain of salt.
  7. You will need to locate them.
  8. If you plan on doing any fishing out of kayak, then dont get anything longer than 8 ft.
  9. I have both, Ross Fly Stik in 10wt and Sage LMB rods. Both are good with the Sage being a much better built rod, while Ross rod is just bare essential component cheap quality wise is ok. Longer rods than 9ft is NOT the way to go as it will not have backbone compared to the shorter lengths especially out of the boat or yak. Neither is having a fast action is better, Your distance is not that much especially with big bulkier flies and is not needed. Since I picked up the Sage LMB rod I no longer use the Ross much.
  10. Finally got around to use it last evening. 3 big hits on it before I ran out of daylight.
  11. Been awhile since I been on here so here is one I made a few months ago.
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