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  1. Habanero, nice baitfish. The heads look pre made, or is it a virtuosos work with uv cured resin? Cheers Jan
  2. FF'J, yours looks kool too, I like this sparse style, nice ribbing and extravagant color combination. Do you have more photos? Cheers Jan
  3. Hi guys, fresh from my vise: Undertaker Spey variant Cheers Jan
  4. Hi guys, I am a fly fisherman and flytyer from the Baltic sea coast in Northern Germany. My daily fishing is for sea trout ( aka. sea run brown trouts ) in the Baltic sea. I am also fishing for it in Sweden and Denmark. Another passion of mine is travelling in Northern Scandinavia and fishing there for salmon, grayling and brown trout. I am happy to join you. Cheers
  5. thanks for showing your beautiful Blue Elver tube fly. I got yesterday my first Vulturine feathers and gave 'your' BET a try in the vise. Cheers
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