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  1. I was looking last night and came across them, but I have no idea what the hair stacker and half hitch tools are or how to use them ? Are they tools I will use as a beginner ? They also have a jumbo handle size are they better ? Thanks for the help.
  2. I haven't made it up to Huntssville but I'm planning on it soon. I have so much going on this weekend I'll never make it to Sipsey, but a trip is in the works very soon I hope. I'm hoping to get a started tying here in the next few weeks.
  3. Thanks for all the help. I think what I'm doing is not giving the rod time to load and just rushing the cast. I've found tons of vids on youtube on casting so I just need to watch them again. Thanks again
  4. I've only been fly fishing for a total of about two or three weeks. So I'm looking for so good tips on casting. I'm getting about 20 or 30 feet in my cast before it just dies on me :wallbash: . I thing I'm tryin to hard to not muscle it out there. I'm using a 9' rod wf 5w line 4x leader and top water poppers (easyer to see) as for now. Any and all help would be great. Thanks for the help.
  5. How deep should you run your dropper? I was talking to a local fly guy and he said it was a good way to see where the fish are biting.
  6. A guy at bass pro showed me how to ty the nail knot and talked me into the little tool for tying them. They also told me that they will be having a fly tying class so I sing up for the newsletter. Man I love that place.Thanks for all the help.
  7. Thanks for the link and I'll check the PM now. Man everyone here has been a great help.
  8. Well I just replaced my rod. It's not top of the line but I went from a 7' to a 9'. Also I've only been fly fishing for a total of a week or two. I just want to give myself the best chance I can without breaking the bank. I like most guys out there will do that from time to time. I'm going to try to change the line first I think and if the temp(it's 28 right now) will get up then maybe this weekend give it a try. Is dacron a brank or a type of backing? How do I ty my tippet to my fly line? I think I saw a knot called the perfect loop for a loop to loop.I assume it'swhat I use. Thanks again you all have been a great help.
  9. Is WF line easier to cast? The reason I ask is my buddy brought me so line and I put it on an just started casting. Well my casts aren't that long so I looked and it's level line. So I bought so WF but didn't know if I should change it or not. Also do I realy need to use braided backing? Because I've got so mono on it right now. Last one . Do tapper tippets help the fly or will mono do just as good? Thanks for all the help.
  10. Where did you see a class in huntsville? It's only about a 30 or 40 min drive. As for fly type I'm up for any and all. I'll fish just about anything that I thing might get a bait or two. I'm just realy tight on money and the trout kit at bass pro has some fly mat. that I would like to try(hare's ear is the main one). Thanks for the help guys.
  11. Well I have never tyed a fly and other than what I've seen here or on youtube have I ever seen it done. It just looks like a ton of fun. That is why I ask about a kit . I'd rather waste $50 on carp I'll upgrade. Not $150 to $350 on good items I'll never use. Now If I like it I'll wish I had got the better tools, But if not I'll only be out $50 bucks. Thanks for all the help
  12. "There ain't no trout around here, boy!!" I'd love to get up where you are some time in the streams and rivers. The five or six people in Alabama south of Montgomery who have seen a fly rod, have a somewhat different take on what fly fishing is than the rest of the world.... You got to love those good old southern boys!!!! :wallbash: I'm very new to the sport but I'm looking every day for new places. I'm only 15 min from lake guntersville and I work beside a nice creek that feeds it. But like I said I'm new so I spend more time hooking myself :bugeyes: (ha ha).
  13. Well I found some in the panfish part of the database that I like and think I could use for both bass and pan. But what would be a good hook size (bass for one and pan for one)? And which do you all think would be easy for a newbie to try(see listed). I'd like to do them in both sizes .Thanks for all the help. Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear Orange Ion Adams Pmd Plamer Cytrus
  14. I'm new to the hobbie and I'm looking for a few good patterns for bass and or pan. Everyone has told me to stay away from kits and find the patterns I like and get the items needed for them. Any and ever idea will help me to get started. Thanks
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