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  1. I will update everything this weekend. Smokey
  2. Sorry Guys, I've Been busy with work. I will update everything this weekend. It is 12 flies everyone. Smokey
  3. Sorry Guys, I checked the mail after I posted, I recieved the box yesterday, will have it in the mail tomorrow. Just need to know who it is going to next. Smokey
  4. I have not seen it, and by the way I am suppose to be last after the meister, my flies got there late and he is holding them to put them in. Smokey
  5. I think everyone should still get a complete set back. Would you not like to have your own GBWR fly assortment for a trophy, I would imagine it would be worth a good bit by itself, being in guiness and all. Smokey
  6. I finished them up, I will send them out this week. Smokey
  7. Take a look at my first attemp at a realistic mayfly. I have more now, and blanks I can paint. I have my mini-dragonfly size 16 catching a size 20 mayfly in mid-air. Just PM me and we can talk. Smokey
  8. Alright Here is a picture of a first attempt at a mayfly paint job. Let me know. Smokey
  9. atroutbum2 Got your beadheads, nice job. I will post a pic soon. Thanks for the extras. Smokey
  10. sjo I have already begun to recieve flies, I am sorry but look forward to having you in the realistic swap. Smokey
  11. Jim Since brewer is out, if the guys still remaining want to let you slide in, I do not have a problem with it. The two I have already recieved will have a fly returned to them if not. So let me know guys is jim in or out. Smokey
  12. Well SJO Looks Like your in. Keep us posted on your status. Smokey
  13. I do not have a problem with you joining. Currently there is only a total of three of us so far, so we decided to do three patterns a piece. So if everyone else is alright with adding you to the swap, we would need to tie three each of three different patterns for a total of nine flies a piece. I would suggest tying an extra set for yourself so you will have a complete group of 12 flies at the end. Ducky and Kevin Let me know if you guys are alright with this... As to a due date I originally said the first week of August, but if we all finish earlier than we can go as soon as completed. Smokey
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