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  1. I'll be keeping an eye on this one, looking forward to seeing the flies. I just started looking into Tenkara 3 or 4 days ago -I'm excited to get outfitted & give it a shot this season.
  2. I think, as David mentioned, I'll let the buyers determine the value. I'm not attached to it in the least - maybe it'll go for enough to pay for the others from the same purchase. Thanks for the input all!
  3. Here are the pics... any ideas?
  4. I recently acquired a lure in a lot that I bought. Most are old Flat-fish, and similar lures from the 70s & 80s (ish), but one is completely different. I haven't been able to find ANY information on it, not even a picture of anything similar with a Google search, on ebay, lure collectors' sites, etc. The lure appears to be made of porcelain or clay, with red glaze, apparently fashioned to resemble the Arkansas Razorbacks mascot, complete with tusks. Based on the quality and overall look, it doesn't seem to be homemade. I'll take a pic or two to post later, but thought I'd see if any of you guys can help identify this thing or point me in the right direction.
  5. Hey guys - we had some family stuff come up and my boy (Alaskan Trout) flew out late last week to be with his Grandparents for a few weeks. During all that, we forgot all about this swap. He has the flies ready, we just thought they got sent when they really didn't. I can get them in the mail today, or certainly understand if you'd all rather not wait. In any case, sorry to let everybody down - Rich - let me know if you still want them - I'll check back here throughout the day. Thanks in advance for your understanding everybody. AKFF
  6. Looks good! The Copper has become my go-to fly, so I tie it in many varieties. Recently Curusso sent me some quail feathers died yellow, which gave me this idea: A 'Gold John'. I've tied a few now, and am looking forward to seeing what the trout think about it in a month or two, as soon as the ice and ash go away.
  7. That's what it's all about Airedale - having fun and improving your tying. Thanks for playing everyone! Does everybody have their flies now?
  8. Got Wellman's flies on Monday, and they all went back out in the mail on Tuesday. Great looking bunch of flies everybody! Thanks for joining! Also, thanks to Josh H. who tied two sets for everyone, I assumed this was out of the 'kindness of his heart' not a misunderstanding, but in any case... I also threw an extra fly in each package that went out. Thanks again for participating! 907 (& Braedon)
  9. Wellman's sending out another set of flies - will have the rest all sorted out so they can go right back in the mail when we get those.
  10. Most recent update - I've got Brian's and Airedale's, but still dont' see Wellman's. We'll give it a few more days. Wellman, how long ago did you mail them? Thanks for your patience with me everybody - it's been a busy few weeks.
  11. I haven't seen Airedale's or Wellman's flies yet, but I was out of town again the first part of this week and haven't checked the mail since I got back. I'll check this afternoon and will update. Hopefully both sets of flies are waiting for me . If so, we can have them sorted and back out soon.
  12. Sorry all - been out in the middle of nowhere for a few days. I updated the first post with the flies received. Address sent to Airedale. Great looking flies so far all! Thanks, 907
  13. Did a similar thing with a sea gull last summer. I was fishing Ship Creek in Anchorage, which is touted as the only king salmon fishery in a major city. As I was casting, I noticed a commotion to my left, as I turned to look, this lady was making all kinds of racket and her rod tip was pointed up and behind me. As I started to visually follow her line, my own line stopped in the middle of my backcast. At first I thought I had snagged a tree, but quickly realized there were no trees close enough to have hit. As I'm starting to turn around to look, my rod starts shaking and bending as if I had a fish, but it's behind me, in the air. Seems as if my fly hooked the line of the lady who was making all the commotion, slid down her line until it got to the bird. At that point, somehow her hook came loose of the bird and mine took hold, right in its neck. As I watched, the bird did a nose-dive into the mud, burrying his beak up to about his eyeballs. When he plucked his nose out of the ground he started making the most aweful racket you've ever heard - sounded like that bird had swollowed an air horn. Great - now what? The bird is jumping all around on the muddy bank, squalking and carrying on. I start to reel him in and walk toward him. I get about 5 or 7 feet away, and he's going absolutely ballistic, trying to fly, jumping around and making all kinds of noise - I decided I was close enough, and cut my leader off the fly line. The bird ran up the bank - not sure if he ever got the hook out of his neck, but there was sure nothing more I could do about it.
  14. I've found that the biggest problem I have with manufactured fly boxes is their thickness. Small nymph boxes in particular, have about 1/2" of dead space between the flies on opposite sides of the box. I could carry twice as many boxes, twice as many flies, if each box was half as thick... I've got a flybox I use that's made from an old sunglass case, about 1/2" thick. I've used otter dry boxes with cork or ripple foam inserts as well. I'm still looking for the ideal, thin, inexpensive fly box that holds hundreds of flies.
  15. Hey Airedale - if you haven't already, please take a look at the swap rules and policies pinned at the top of the swaps page, and linked HERE. Also, please re-read the first post where the signup list is kept. As mentioned there, each swapper will tie seven (7) flies. Please let me know if you have any questions not mentioned above. Thanks, 907
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