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  1. Thank you all for that quick response
  2. I have a Ross essence fs. 8'6" 3/4wt 4 piece. I broke the last piece so down to three pieces. Can I replace this piece or is it impossible to match it back up?
  3. so being a little unrealistic in this situation does not mess with the siloete created by the fly?
  4. I was examining a mayfly the other day walking around on a deck, and noticed that when it is not in motion, the tail does not seperate. I stuck the mayfly in a glass of water, and the same thing seemed to hold true. i am not sure how much the mayfly and trico are similar, but if they are then i would think that the tail would also be together and not seperated as you are trying to do.
  5. Thanks for those great links. I have been cutting the fibers off first then trying to tie into a knot. But leaving them attached makes a whole lot more sense.
  6. I have been tying a lot of hopper patterns, and really like the way pheasant tail make great legs. My problem is getting them tied in a not to look like the joint of a leg. Any help on how to tie these would be great. Once i do get them tied which seems like an impossibility they look great on any hopper pattern i have tried. Thanks
  7. wish i could have done this swap. I hope everyone posts a pic of there safety pin. I have been wanting to tie something like this for my mom, wife, and grandmother for christmas except in ear ring form.
  8. i wish i would have a chance to stop, and fish some of the places i go by. unfortunatly not that many opportunities. As you have noticed i have not had a lot of free time, or else i would have been on the forum posting question after question. have had a really hard time even sitting down for a few minutes to even tie a few up.
  9. i am very sorry all for the long delay. you all have no idea how bad i feel. i go the box and had been looking throught it for a few days when i got a call from my boss. an extended work schedule. Out on the road for a week. i was hoping that i was going to get it out but very bad planning on my part did not work out. i am really sorry and hope you all understand. i realize i am not the only guy that drives a big rig, so in saying that i know it was my fault. hope you all can forgive me and allow me to participate still in other swaps and the like as the opportunity comes available.
  10. received the box today after working yesterday and last night then sleeping half of today. I can't believe this thing, it is great. will try to go through it in the next day or so between working at night and sleeping half the day. thanks for letting me be a part. one question though. there are big bags with a lot of small bags inside, one item is one of the small bags correct?
  11. the box looks like it is getting closer, i can't wait. Just like an early christmas. this is great thanks day5 for this great opportunity.
  12. Thanks for the great swap. Hope you enjoyed the extra fly i sent just a first try at the full dress.
  13. i would probably not suggest using the rod building thread. it will be a lot thicker than what you will use after tomorrow, and i find that i use the same thread for almost every fly i tie. This is the case because i have become aware of breaking points, and the way the thread works. realizing that you would only be using it for a short time, i would still suggest not, never want to start out with bad habits and have to work them out, always easier to try and get it right the first time. Congrats on this really cool gift, sounds like you will have lots of fun with it and maybe a partner that will get into it also to spend some good quality time with. Good Luck.
  14. Welcome to the forum and hope you enjoy, but to your questions, i will ask a few first. What will you target species be. and also it sounded like from your post that you are new to tying, so before i would jump into a few patterns that will be suggested, i would suggest the wooly bugger, griffiths gnat, and maybe an easy ant pattern. these can be tied in many different sizes. wooly bugger i would probably suggest size 6-8, griffiths gnat 12-22 and an ant pattern probably size 14-18. As for the barb i typically either file or pinch the flies i will use for fishing. a lot easier to get out when you are ready, since line tension is important all the time anyways, and just incase it gets a little deeper that we all want once again is a lot easier to get out with out harming the fish anymore.
  15. I will be sending mine on mon. and there is one extra in there for you Bud. Hope you all like them.
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