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  1. Hey. Of course, Comment away. I'm not gonna get any better unless I have you guys critique, and give advice. I've been tying for a while now, but in reality I know very little about how to tye, compared to many of the people on the site. With these flies I was trying to mix some different colours, and to blend the dubbing on the body. It worked pretty well. Cheers, Gopher
  2. Just a couple of experiments with colour I was trying. :headbang: One is a variation on an orange parson, after seeing one on the site. And the other is a bit of a colour explosion. At least for me. :headbang: Cheers, gopher I'd also like to say the stuff going up lately is very inspiring. Well done all.
  3. Thanks guys for all the great comments. I'm trying to improve my tying all around in both my atlantics and realistics. I'm now trying to take more time, and I've got a magnifine glass out to help with the intricate stuff. Hopefully I'll have some good results. Gopher
  4. Thanks for the great replies guys. I'm not sure I set the bar high, but I do my best. gopher
  5. Hey guys, All your stuff is looking great. I think its great too see some of the great work being produced. I just finished mine, I need to add more color, but I just had to post it. I guess mine is an almaganation of all the techniques I've learned, Plus A few of my own. The legs I think I've improved on. color is a problem, but I'll try and fix that soon. Also, as for wings I used the leaf vein wings as well. But I tried somthing new. It's difficult to pick out in the photo, but instead of using scotch tape, I coated the wings in three coats of hard as nails.. So no tape, but still makes the wings translucent. Pretty cool. Give it a try, see if you like it. Gopher
  6. A new one that I did free style. My first in a long while. Gopher
  7. Hey everyone, I've just created a new stone. Its my first in a long while, but I think it turned out pretty well. I had major problems with the legs, which I have to work on for my next one. But for now, It's ok. Though you might like to see. Gopher
  8. Hey, I've just got back to the forum after a long time away, and I just thought it was pretty cool to see someone else online with lots of insects. I actually have a nice little colony of stick insects, which I have now bread to the 6th generation. Its been quite an adventure. You will definatly have some fun. If you have never had mantis before they can get quite big, so be prepared. I've seen females that were 6inches long. Very impressive. I was actually also wondering where you got them from. I've been unable to obtain any mantis, or new stick insects, without gettting some from a entomology lab. Well have fun, my favorite is watching them eat. Gopher
  9. Its a spined stickleback right? Gopher
  10. So over the past while I have been focusing my attention on realistic flies. But a friend who is heading out to the coast (Vancouver Island) is planning to do some ocean fly fishing, and asked me to make him some flies. Problem is I don't really know any saltwater streamer patterns. Most of mine are for rivers, and lakes. To my shame I don't even have a book with many saltwater patterns in it. Can you guys and gals give me a hand. If you know of a site, or pattern descriptions. I would appreciate it. Gopher
  11. HUH, I really didn't find the broom brostles to be to bad. BUT if they don't hold up. Screw the broom It's going back in the closet. I think I'll follow experience over my small scale attempts to trial and error. Back to the Vice. Gopher (Graham)
  12. I used japanese nymph legs, for the legs... But I have actually found a really cheap substitute that works just as well, since I tied that fly. Bristles from a broom. Basically pull out some of the bristles from the bottom of a hand broom, and use those. They are strong, and flexible. And with a touch from a hot pin they will stay in the right place. Also you can crimp them with a pair of flat nosed pliers and flatten them....This was a tip from a fellow tyer.
  13. Hey, been working on my realistics with some help from some friends. I think this one turned out well. gopher
  14. Gopher

    new line

    Hey, So I just bought a new rod and reel, and I want to buy some new line. I am thinking of buying a cortland line system that has the 4 interchangable tips. Has anybody used it. I have used the cortland interchangable line on a 4 weight rod, but this is for my 6 weight. Thoughts, Graham
  15. I found this one on the net a few years ago and it has worked great for me. Basically take a piece of rainy's float foam and cut it down the middle. This gives you a long strip. Then put some glue on it and curl it up tightly. After its dried slice it down the middle about half way and stick it on a curved hook. I always have a little nub of foam at the end to use as a head. After its on the hook, take a piece of mono and put it throught the head and melt the mono to use as eyes. Also dont forget to weight the hook because rainy foam floats, and you dont want your pattern to. So in the end you get a snail pattern that is not only curled up like a actual shell but it is also rounded, so it looks real. ANd they work great. Gopher
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