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  1. QUOTE (jschmidt63 @ May 9 2005, 04:17 PM) QUOTE (Po0gs @ May 9 2005, 03:35 PM) Do u buy balsa blocks or how does that wood come? nice work btw thanks for the feedback guys I tested the wiggle pattern in a tank and it looks gooooood. Look forward to using it this season. As for balsa, I just buy it in square stock in a 3/4" and 1/2" size, 2' long. Just sand to shape while attached to full length then cut off with a rasor blade and finish the end. For rubber legs I hold a small drill bit in my fingers and roll the bit into the body to drill the hole. Then thread the rubber legs through with a big sewing needle. Where do you buy this, once again, sorry for my ignorance
  2. Do u buy balsa blocks or how does that wood come? nice work btw
  3. Neat pictures, Im semi new fly tyer I dont have as much materials and work juts on a bench.
  4. Po0gs


    U ever fish near the manasas area? welcome to forums m8
  5. QUOTE (GHow @ Apr 29 2005, 05:20 PM) Sometimes things come together PoOgs. Eric is a great kid. I just put together a 2 wt. Handles like a dream. If you can tie a fly you can customize a "rod" I encourage all to give it a try. Can't wait (once the floods recede) to try it out on T"ville smallmouths. I always wanted to put together myself a custom rod. Seems like it would be cool with the difent flossing at the eyes, i think that what their called( where the line goes through ) i just dont see myself building something of quailty.
  6. Umm idk if this is legal but can anyone link me to look at this stuff it sounds cool.
  7. Good Story, Sounds like not to bad of fishing trips. Nice Crappies, specially the Queen, what WT rod were you using? ~Po0gs~
  8. QUOTE (CTXFINS @ Apr 28 2005, 05:02 PM) Panfish seem to hit just about anything it seems. Depending on water clarity, sometimes bright colors work well and sometimes drab colors work better. Rubber legs are alway a plus I think. I have caught panfish on small poppers, small clousers, small woolley buggers, trout nymphs, foam beetles/bugs, etc. Those are all good choices. You can vary the hook sizes a bit, but usually 12 is the smallest I go, as I get "tired" of taking off the little peckers that hit the small hooks and are able to hold on!! The Belt Buckles are the ones you are after!! Oh yea, a 5 wt. is not too heavy for panfish at all. I think it is a perfect choice actually, as you never know when a bucket mouth might be lurking around. I fish sometimes with my 2 wt. and that is fun too! Good luck and have fun! 2 wt sounds fun. thanks for all the replys, being able to go out fishing now due to weather is good i kinda got a feel of what is effective and what isnt,
  9. How would this record thing work, will they list our names anywhere?
  10. See that was posted in March eh? I alredy learned how to match the hatch and been sucessful making flies, that match the bugs, and gotten me fish, boy i feel special (its a cheap thrill guys)
  11. I always wanted to hold a record, LEMME KNOW
  12. QUOTE (Light Keeper @ Apr 25 2005, 08:53 PM) I made a mistake in the proper link to the foam cutters website. The manufacturer is River Road Creations. website is http://www.riverroadcreations.com/ I am not advertising for them, just looking for people that might be using these cutters to make their bodies. I am also looking for pattern ideas, websites, how tos and so forth. Information on patterns to using these cutters would be appreciated. Nicholas Thanks man. nice products they have
  13. Link to site maybe? i saw them sometime, they look very cool/helpful, thanks ~Po0gs~
  14. Nice tie, like LBG said, those things look like theyll guarentee you a fish, do they work for pickeral as well?
  15. Po0gs

    Pig Bass

    I dont think NJ has FW regualtions, what it like in MI, you have to wait to target Bass?
  16. Po0gs

    Still Tying?

    This is my first time ill be fishing i nthe summer. Im 15 all self taught, just got into it. I know im not set for the upcoming season but I had fun stockign the tying box and slowly the bass/panfish box. I hope to see what patterns do and dont work. Should be a fun spring/ summer.
  17. Po0gs

    Pig Bass

    nice fish man, musta been fun on the fly rod.
  18. Po0gs

    Fly Flotant

    QUOTE (luvinbluegills @ Apr 20 2005, 11:19 AM) Try Thompson's Water Seal? I hear it's great. 'Til then, work those lips man! (Blowing on the fly I mean. 8-) ) an idea- thanks man, ill mail oder some here shortly with track 5 days a week, soccer 3, leaves little time for fishing for another month, i try and get out 5 times a week tho.
  19. Nice fish, specially the Carp. Now dont laugh at me but do u ever fish in the connecticut that runs horugh like Springfield Mass. Holyoke area, a lot of boaters there, idk if you know what im talking about tho. They have a shad derby every year in it, I wonder if youve ever fished there?
  20. I live to far from any fly shop, Cabelas is eh 2 hours away, im busy, I cant get out to get some fly flotant but I like need it -- nething I can do in terms of whip up something for flotant or anything, cuz its so helpful, but no obtainable at this moment. Thanks all ~Po0gs~
  21. that hares ear nymph works wonders so does my ant i call it the antron ant, just dubbed thorax hackkle feather in middle and dubbed head when wet it slick back and looks irresistable, goign to hoefully get some bass tonight and some more sunnies.
  22. i took 5 bluegills in about 3 hours on an ant i tied, when the ant gets "messed" up it looks like idk a black insect hatching, it was cool none the less
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