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  1. Haha, thanks man, ill just tie up 100 patterns, and catch me some bluegills
  2. QUOTE (millerwb @ Apr 2 2005, 08:39 AM) Here is a link for the SMP (Skip Morris Panfish). I also like any soft hackle, the SHWAPF, and the Universal Nymph. At this time of year, where I live in Texas, a size 16 Caddis Nymph in light green is good as well. A size 16 Mayfly Cripple (a loose copy I have tied) has worked well on topwater as has this EZ Foam Bug. Brian Thanks that SMP looks differnt then the SMP in my book by skip morris. hmm
  3. QUOTE (luvinbluegills @ Apr 1 2005, 03:17 PM) Yeah, what they all said! Plus a good Damsel fly nymph, and a Dragonfly nymph. Thanks all and thanks Luvinbluegills, thansk for the pm
  4. Im looking for some Panfish nymphs/dries/ and anything affective flies. If anyone has some simple patterns that will mere guarentee me a panfish like Sunnies in particular, plz post it here or give the name. Im new to all this flyfishing stuff, but just bought myself a 5 Wt, little heavy I know, for panfish Thanks all.
  5. Its im so used to catching LM bass everytime i go out, im like scared i wont catch the trout and ill get discouraged. im 15,and im already worried about not catching fish.
  6. OO thanks a ton! specially daryn and moses , the lakes in new jersey, its like not even a trout river they stock it and the are usually gone by eh well june-july.
  7. Hello, there is a local river, which runs into a lake, which in March they stock with brown and brookies. The river by all means is not large. I was wondering what are some patterns that might get these fish. I know some situations call for some patterns, but are there any patterns that will be almost guarenteed to hook up with one of these fish? Thanks for all who answered, if you need more details just drop me a line here. Thanks
  8. Wish my first was 1/4 that good
  9. QUOTE (Tugger @ Mar 10 2005, 06:58 PM) Skunked will you be my mentor? What a fly!! I think you just stuck a bug. I have never seen a fly that realistic. Fatman, Thanks for the book info, I’ll take a look at my local library to see if they stock it. I believe it will contain the info I’m in search of. Thanks to the rest of you also for the replies. Graham tied that one
  10. QUOTE (sparkleminnow @ Mar 9 2005, 08:25 PM) Yea, it's actually a white/striper hybrid=wiper. They look so much like whites, though, that the IDNR has to send lots of them to the state biologists to verify if it's a hybrid or a pure white for those who think they might have a record white. Pure striper are more elongated like a torpedo. Hybrids are shaped just like a white bass, but get about 4 times larger. The unfortunate thing is the number of them that get taken out as whites. The limit on whites is 10, while the limit for wipers/stripers is three. (in Illinois) Will, I think the world record for white bass is actually over 6lbs. I catch them up to 4lbs quite often. I r so smart! thats a shame that many get kept as whites tho.
  11. QUOTE (SmallieHunter @ Mar 8 2005, 09:57 PM) You sure that is a white bass? I have heard the biggest they get is around 4 lbs. Could that be a striped bass? Striper, yes, though there are like more spots on the sides of that fish, I would say thats a large white bass, or a hybrid of some sort.
  12. What synthetic is that? Nice tie. ~Po0gs~
  13. QUOTE (steeldrifter @ Mar 5 2005, 06:06 PM) QUOTE (TroutRuleBassDrool @ Mar 5 2005, 10:59 AM) SD, did you use the needle method for tying the tail/lower body? Anyway, that looks like it should be a powerful producer! Nope, to be honest since this is the first time I have tied with foam or a dragonfly pattern I dont even know what the needle method is I just tied a small strip of foam to the hook shank to give me something to keep the legs from rotating, then folded the foam and cut the body out so it would be a upper&lower body. sandwhiched the hook with the legs between the two pieces of the body and wrapped from the head to the tail and back again. Thanks for all the nice comments guys, since this is the first dragonfly for me it makes me feel good to see everyone likes it. BTW someone asked about the foam and where I got it. I took Wills advise and picked it up at walmart for .33cents a sheet on the craft section. They had 2/3/4mm....if i remeber i think this one was 3mm. I asked, I just went out and bought some foam, I had red, but red dragonflies are rare thanks
  14. Thats a shame. Well now that you're getting surgery, its not, I hope you recover 100%, and fast so you can go fish ! Good luck, ~Po0gs~
  15. Hello, im due to annoy you'll again. im just wosnering some bug patterns to catch Largemouth bass with, i.e. a wasp or something. If anyone has any winners, plz share. Thanks ~Po0gs~
  16. Ouch, that things killer. Whered u get the foam? I find my foams to thick . great tie m8.
  17. QUOTE (ridderbos3 @ Mar 3 2005, 10:33 PM) white super hair amen. super hair works wonders, whte hackle feathers mixed with white bucktail is a winner.
  18. QUOTE (big_fish @ Mar 1 2005, 06:47 AM) the saddel is natural with a little red and a little orange i tied something similer to what you posted last night with lead dumbells for eyes and one with glue on bubble eyes I'm a sucker for eyes on everything anyways tightlines bigfish Be careful, the rabbit absorbs ton of water, and with added on eyes, you need a pretty heavy WT rod to cast this comfortably.
  19. QUOTE (big_fish @ Feb 28 2005, 06:10 PM) went to the local cabelas today picked up some micro bunny strips white and olive also got a #1 saddel it's like a grizzlie furnace some what any ways it was 12.95 anyways I was also looking to find some patterns for the bunnie strips thanks big_fish I beleive it was $12.99 I was there on Saturday, You can tie some nice perch patterns with those, well i should ask what color gizzly hackle, then Ill hook you up bro. heres something I tied, let me know if you want the pattern, its called the 'Peppermint Minnow'. Another Pattern I like to tie is simply a zonker strip tied to a bass hook, with matching chenille as more "volume" to the body, simulating the simple worm. I know a few patterns with bunny strips, PM me if you would like some with tying steps.
  20. For cray fish its more of a brown. orange tipped, or even a dark oranged die color. olive would work fine though, about dies I know nothing, sorry
  21. QUOTE (SmallieHunter @ Feb 24 2005, 09:55 PM) OK here is mine. I wanted to try something that I have done with a Clouser before and I thought it came out nice. Instead of white bucktail for the belly I used arctic fox which should give the fly alot more action in the water. Also instead of wrapping the fox down the hook, I tied it off behind the eyes. I used pearl diamond braid and wrapped it from the bend to just behind the eyes, this gives the fly a little sparkle in the mid section. To finish the fly I used Olive bucktail and topped that with 4 strands of peacock herl. Sorry again for the bad pic. I have a blown bulb in one of my lamps I normally use so I'm stuck using the reserves. Took my peacock idea. though its not mine I was gonna tie one with it. O well, personally I think the peacock gives a nice bass color scales, with the shine, nice looking flie Smallie.
  22. QUOTE (vices @ Feb 23 2005, 09:00 PM) Anyone get the new fly tyer mag.. and if so have you checked out the realistic spider artical.. very nice, I'm tying one up right now.. I saw that, but seeing as I have Arachnophobia, I cant stand those pictures. Just saw your fly, I have the chills now
  23. QUOTE (SmallieHunter @ Feb 24 2005, 06:51 PM) Po0gs, I will use a heavier bodied clouser if the water is stained but for most of my fishing this is my proportions. Remember, it's not how you like to tie them, it's how the fish want you to tie them yes, thats what I meant be how "I" like to tie them, the fish like it this way. And yes, the water is stained at this local lake of mine. More and more I make a fool of myself Ah, Let the teachers teach, and the Learners learn.
  24. Ah, thanks Mike, tho that seems to early. Ill wait til next weekend to catch it at 8:30
  25. My clouser is so much thicker, tho thats just personally how I like to tie them, thats if you could even call mine a clouser, bah wheres the digital camera.
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