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    baby bass

    I like that one, Ill have to give it a whirl nice tying
  2. My first was without a vise, and I got 3 Sunnies on it
  3. QUOTE (MIKE*A @ Jan 20 2005, 09:44 PM) I got introduced to flyfishing on the Swift river......also fished the deerfield and there was one other, but the name of it escapes me now......used to fish Quabbin res. a bit as well.....that place was tremendous! Could it be the Westfield. I hear you wanted some BoSox tix. I went up there last year and saw the 10.000 HR hit, also the 9.999 and the 10.001 Feway is a very nice ballpark, seat arent friendly, but youll have a blast, here I am 15 tellign you about it, im sure youve been to many games in your day
  4. QUOTE (MIKE*A @ Jan 20 2005, 09:33 PM) I lived on Westover AFB, went to Bellamy JH and then half a year at Chicopee Comp., before moving. My brother and i used to ride our bikes out to the base lake by the gofl course.....had a ball fishing there, you name it, we caught it out of there. I stopped by there this summer for the first time in about 30 years on my way back home from boston. It's really changed, the lake looked awful.....brought back a lot of great memories though...... Funny thing is my dad is retired AF, and acess is easy to the lake, my cousins go to Comp atm, Do you knwo any rivers in that area?
  5. QUOTE (MIKE*A @ Jan 20 2005, 09:24 PM) Holyoke! wow! that brings back memories.....I was born there (43 years ago), moved away shortly thereafter and then back again when i was 9 and stayed a few years then......I loved it there! I remember fishing the conecticut for shad back then.........don't recall anything else.......unfortunately, thats no help to you.... sorry........ Mike NO problem, my Dad was born there to, hes around ur age, little older, prolly went to High School with you , JK mate, at least some1s familair with the area
  6. What fish are in the connecticut river in the Springfield area, Holyoke Area, you know around there, what fish are there, and is it possible to get them on a fly, if not Spinnings always fun, I been doing it for 7 years, why just stop? anyways. any help is greatly appreciated ~Po0gS~
  7. QUOTE (wickedcarpenter @ Jan 20 2005, 05:18 PM) I just got back from Cabela's at 2:30 (1-20-05) and no new hooks in. What Cabelas might I ask if you dont mind?
  8. I picked up 100 size 4 Mustads there, great sale going on, lotta styles picked over.
  9. Thanks all, I recently was thinkign of putting an order in to Cabelas for Bucktail, now I think i definately will. Cone- I hope the head works out and doesnt make it to jerky while casting. Im no good at stacking deer hair, so im a lil nervous to try Thanks again all who asnwered
  10. Now that all else said, waht size hook and what kind of hook do you reccomend for the bass bugs and clousers. Im making myself sound like an awful tyer here, but im pleased with my patterns.
  11. Catch that first bass on a fly i tied, should be a special moment
  12. QUOTE (SmallieHunter @ Jan 19 2005, 09:10 PM) Clousers are defiently a goto fly for both largemouth and smallmouth, nobody fishing for bass should be without a few differnet colors in their box. Deceivers are used less in freshwater for whatever reason but they are GREAT bass flies! Anything that resembles baitfish would be a perfect bass fly. I hear ya m8, thats why I came up with this junkie well i mean I didnt come up with it, i just tied it and the heads not finished but here
  13. Thanks for the quick response! That totally slipped my mind when posting this, though I always thought of Clusers and Deceivers as a Salt H20 fly? Hmm. Thats why I call my self a Newby. ~Po0gS~
  14. For LM Bass other then the traditional wolly bugger. What are some of those "go to" flies that you'll use? thanks ~Po0gS~
  15. Hello all. Im 15, and Im a flytyer and fisher, tho I havent got the most experience in those fields. Most of my fishign for the last 5 years has been intense bass fishing, about everyday in the summer and after school until weather pushes down on me. Ah hm, since I dont know what to write, Ill tell you about my largest hook-up on a spinning rod. This summer I went out on the local lake, in a 10 dollar blow up boat. you average fish from 2-4 Lbs. nothing great, but when I tossed out my Venom worm, and I got the initial strike i knew this one was huge. make a long story short, I reeled in a 8 LB bass, great if you knew what lake I fished at Umm hmm. Flytying forum you say? Ive tied about 7 Flies, just wanna test em before i get my "Go to" fly for the area. Im rambling. Hope to have fun here ~Po0gS~
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