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  1. Wicked good job PK. Looking forward to sitting down with you and tying this one up. Have you got a couple of days to s spare? :yahoo: :ban: AB
  2. Consider my RS VP'd if you don't mind a neophyte taking up space. My flask has been topped off. Thanks AB
  3. Happy 14th guys! :headbang: I can't remember what it was like. AB
  4. Thanks for the input and sites to look into. I went ahead and picked up the Redington and am well pleased with it. Only complaint was the reel handle. My 5 wt has a paddle style and this one was round but a phone call to Bill in Redingtons' customer service was met with quick satisfaction. Bill sent out a paddle style and it's now on the reel. Great customer service! I am sure the RS4 will be with me a long time. Thanks again AB
  5. Alas Babylon

    Uh Oh....

    What a crappy thing to say. :butt:
  6. Please take a moment this weekend to remember a veteran. All gave some, some gave all and our country is a better place to live because of it. Thank you.
  7. Hey PK - Nice list but you forgot a few. I ..ah... a friend.. ah nuts I forget.
  8. It looks like Saltydog has done some Truckin' in his day. Far Out!
  9. Thanks Jan. I won't win any races tying these things but at least it keeps me outa my wifes hair for an hour or two. I think she likes that. :j_k: AB
  10. I notice that you didn't ask for my opinion, but you're going to get it anyway. That's been my attitude for 30+ years, so why change now? :hyst: The wings seem too tall. Make them the length of the hook shank. The hackle should start right behind the wings, and make it more dense. (No comments from the peanut gallery about being dense, ok? ) Like Bruce said, start the body at the bend. I would also try to get the tail fibers to stay together more, and I think that by starting the body at the bend, you might achieve that. Looking better, though. Good to see that you will be attending the class. I would, but I've tried to watch those on dial-up before, and I'm still watching well after the class is over. -PK You're right , I knew I'd hear your opinion sooner or later. 30+ years..no wonder my beard is grey and the rain hits my scalp so much sooner these days. It's been a blast tho eh! IMHO those wings were just right. It's all in the camera angle don't ou know. :hyst: That wading jacket I told you about happened. Will del appx 4/23. :yahoo: I'll talk at ya later. AB
  11. I do have speakers. What a marvolous thing this computer is. I would upgrade but most of my money seems to go to fly tying and fishing. Oh well.
  12. Hi Bruce Thanks for looking and I plan on being there tomorrow. I don't have a camera and if this old boat anchor ever had a microphone it's long gone. I'll have to just watch and IM if I have anything worth saying. Getting the wings right is still not coming easy but I think the fish have stopped laughing. AB
  13. My son bought me a Dan Vise and it works just fine for this beginner.
  14. Hello Bruce and Futzer. I'm back with another try. I am still struggling with the wings but I think this one is an improvement. Please let me know what you think. I did pick up new material at Jays but I think my next thing to pick up is the 100 pack Futzer suggested. Thanks AB
  15. Thank you. I wasn't sure where to post my question. I'll try there. Thanks AB
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