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  1. Yeah that is a really nice area if it didnt have the massive tube hatches it would be a great place to fish. I agree they need no qualification pound for pound, being a newbie to smallies I was absolutely amazed at their strength, can't wait to get back!!
  2. Went up to Van Buren, Mo and wet waded the Current river last weekend with my dad and brother. I landed two fish on my 6wt fishing a weighted San Juan worm, drifting some pocket water on the edge of a current seam. I kept seeing this smallmouth dart out into the current and grab something before dropping back in the slack water over a dark bottom. I could tell where he was holding and probably made twenty cast before I got the fly in front of him, man was it on when I did, that was my second smallmouth ever and the biggest by far. He was between 2.5 to 3 lbs and gave my 6wt all it wanted pound for pound the strongest bass I have ever fought. He fought so hard I didn't think I would get him in, he spooked another smaller fish on one of his runs upstream which I caught I few minutes later. I don't know who was hooked better the fish or me!! But I sure can't wait to get back and do it again. I hope everyone gets to have the same experience this summer, and plants a big wet one their fish too
  3. Tyler thank you for service, welcome home, I hope you and your dad have a great summer together. Steve I am in awe of the rod and the gesture you are good man!!!
  4. Welcome aboard you are definitely in a great place looking forward to seeing some of your work
  5. I tie some buggers up with bead chain eyes, they are not super noisy but they will rattle some, cut off four beads (rather than the two that you would normally use) and tie them on with two on each side I find that the bigger bead chains seem to work best more rattle I think, add some rubber legs and your in
  6. Congratulations Steve, I'm smoke free 9 years now, went cold turkey myself thought I might hurt somebody during that third week without em!!! But I survived as did all my coworkers and my boss!
  7. You certainly wouldn't want to use any with a rosin core, I don't know if it would be toxic to the fish or the environment (not that lead is Eco friendly) but it would likely leave a nasty scent trail. Other than that it would probably be a pretty good substitute........
  8. I have caught them on 6" plastic worms and full size buzz baits while bass fishing they typically will hit any fly that a bluegill will with a little more gusto
  9. I am in metal recovery and heavy equipment operations management for the past fourteen years, I am a carpenter by birth and prior to my current pain [email protected]&$ job I ran my own construction business, I miss a lot of the construction work sometimes but on the other hand I haven't hit my thumb with 20 oz framing hammer in such a long time that I have almost forgotten how much fun that is!!! I keep telling my boss that if minimum wage reaches $15.00 per hour I am going to quit and become a Wal-Mart door greeter!!!
  10. I catch a lot shell crackers here too, in fact I have a blast with em I bought a 3 wt just to chase them on a local pond, I've never seen one anywhere close to that size and I don't think my 3 wt is up to it but I sure would like to find out!!!
  11. C Teeter


    Mike I can say for certain that you have never ticked me off (that's pretty hard to do) thanks for the welcome
  12. C Teeter


    Hello everyone, it's been awhile since I've been around have really been covered up the past year, didn't even get to fish much last year but a new day has dawned and it's time to get back to the fun stuff!!! I hope everyone is happy and healthy and have been a lot more laid back than I, looking forward to seeing what's new around here and playing a little catch up with some old friends!!!
  13. Riff Blane I have been really busy at work and haven't been keeping up with the tread, for that I apologize I didn't know I needed to send them to Riff so my mayflies should be on Blane's door step
  14. Flypoppy I may see you there I'm going to try to make it over there Saturday morning if everything goes well at work
  15. Yeah I carry a microscope in my fishin vest to help with that, it's heavy and cumbersome, but if you put your vice a full assortment of hooks tying tools and all of the material you can stuff into the other side of your vest it pretty much balances out and you have everything you might need to try to tie something up stream side that the fish will actually bite. Works great just whatch where you step since you will sink like a rock.
  16. Nice flies, welcome to the site look forward to seeing ya around
  17. I received a set of tiny flies today, the ones that I could see we're very nice and I'm pretty sure the other nine or ten are nice too!!! Thanks
  18. Got mine yesterday very impressive set of flies, great job everyone, Ben thanks for hosting Chris
  19. Very nice work, I believe I will have to have a set of those tools too.
  20. Blane I just got mine in the mail today, got to the post office Friday to send them off and something told me to count them I was one short (it was still in the vice but thought that it had been Lost by the guys at work drooling on them) being the dummy that I am at times it didnt occur to me until later to buy the postage while there and drop them in the box later, but I think they will make it just gonna be at the last minute I'll get next months out a little faster
  21. I've been looking pretty hard for one myself haven't found a deal on CL yet but still hoping, $350 for a new one is gonna take a little while to warm up too but I've definitely have the fever
  22. Blane.....I should have a set of #20 crystal midges in the mail tomorrow or Thursday
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