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  1. In the mail! Thanks everyone. Hope you are enjoying some spring fishing.
  2. Thanks everyone for an awesome set of flies. Impressive!
  3. Finally made it to post office to get my mail. Absolutely superb everyone! Some great looking flies!
  4. All the contributions look great so far! My flies are ready for your boxes! Addy Please!
  5. I'm in. pattern TBD. thanks
  6. By far, one of my favorite swap flies. Going on a float trip Saturday so these will see some action soon. Great set of flies. Thanks again Jim for all your hard work.
  7. Gongas in the mail on Monday. Happy Fishing everyone!
  8. Sorry that I've been MIA but I have not forgotten this swap. I've been going back and forth between a "Double Gonga" and "Dirty Hippy" . Both are very effective streamers. Maybe we should have a vote with majority rule?? Streamers are looking great everyone!
  9. I'm in. Fly TBD. Looking forward to this one!
  10. Excellent! Thanks to all who participated and to Bob for Hosting.
  11. Chartreuse/Black Rubber Leg Copper John's on the way. Hope this marks the start of a great fishing season for everyone. Thanks to Bob for hosting yet another swap. You rock!
  12. Amazing, amazing set of flies! So glad to have participated. Thanks to all of you and a special thank to you Bob!
  13. Thanks for the heads up Fishingbobnelson! I'd like to join. Pattern TBD!
  14. Some great looking flies gentlemen! I couldn't decide so you will be getting both a Sparkle Pupa and and Egg Laying Caddis. Addy Please.
  15. Thanks for the invite Dezod. Looking forward to this swap. Will post my fly choice soon. So many to choose from.... Glad you could join in Fly Tryer!
  16. Great set of flies! Thanks everyone.
  17. These are re-tied and back in the mail today!
  18. Steve, This came back today opened and minus the flies. I'm willing to re-tie but don't want to hold up this swap. Please advise. avril
  19. This came back today! The package was open and the flies are gone. I am willing to re-tie (probably have to do a different hook) but it might not be until next week before I can send them out again. ( I whited out your addy)
  20. Hook: Dihiku 640 #12 Thread:8.0 Orange Tail & Wing: Coq De Leon Body:Zelon Dubbing-Pheasant Tail Colar:Zelon Dubbing-Tiger Beetle Black Ready for Addy. Looks like a great swap. Can't wait to fish all these great patterns
  21. Wow! you are on it! I was lying in bed this morning thinking about what to tie. I really appreciate the photo and link to the article and pattern. Looking forward to trying these out on some CO waters.
  22. I'd like to join. Pattern TBD.
  23. Thanks to all who participated in this swap. Great set of flies! Thanks Wes for serving as swap mister!
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