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  1. It's my kind of day when you go to the mailbox and pick up another set of great looking flies. sniperfreak223's box arrived and you all are gonna really like 'em. Thanks!
  2. Ha! And sometimes, it's the "not so bright" fish that take the skunk off the day.
  3. Hey, if it's salt you're talking about I'd like to know too since my folks live there and it's a tradition to visit every year. For freshwater, I've done OK with my 5wt and topwater bass flies.
  4. Cool! I usually think of Quill Gordons when using stripped peacock. Ought to be a great looking fly. Thanks!
  5. Flies have left the building. Thanks for hosting Nick.
  6. Awesome! So envious of all the waters for a multitude of reasons! Thanks for sharing :-)
  7. Well, the first set arrived and they're gorgeous. Horseshoes has the honor of being first one in. All here safe and sound, and thanks for the extras!
  8. Awesome! Can't thank you enough for not only putting this together, but doing an amazing sort job with all the personal preferences. You deserve a dinner out!
  9. Well, don't make it too difficult. Tenkara is simple. You don't need a lot of complexity for an effective fly :-) Remember, some patterns are nothing more than thread and hackle.
  10. I forgot I hadn't told you what pattern... it's going to be a Callibaetis CDC Cripple
  11. Go with what works for you. I wouldn't worry so much about absolutely perfect flies. The more you tie, the better you'll get.
  12. And to add what DavidHE has already posted: Google "tenkara flies" (loads of images, sites, and videos) Go to youtube and search "tenkara flies" (plenty of good videos) Jason Klass has put together a nice "how-to": http://www.tenkaratalk.com/2011/08/a-beginners-guide-to-tying-tenkara-flies/ As to the hooks, you have all kinds of options. Yes, many tenkara style flies are tied on scud hooks, but they don't have to be. Look at the videos.
  13. And really?... My flies haven't arrived yet? Hmmm... gotta talk to those Sacto posties.
  14. Uh, truth be told... on second thought, I won't tell. Maybe my flies are more "cali" than Bob's. You know... he is one of those guys from Oregon who wet wades all year long!
  15. Great. Here's a good place to begin: http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?showtopic=1515 In a nutshell, this is the way it works. 12 tiers (including the swapmeister) tie up flies for the swap. Tie 11 flies if you don't want one of yours back. Tie 12 if you do. Once your flies are tied (before the due date), you let the swapmeister know, and he/she sends you a PM with a mailing address. You toe tag your flies, box them up (Altoid tin works great) and mail them off to the swapmeister, along with a self-addressed and postage paid envelope. Once all the flies are in, the swapmeister divides them up so everybody gets one of each, and he/she mails them back out. Easy peasy. Swapmeisters also have some rules: http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?showtopic=15836 Wanna give it a go?
  16. We're oh so close to have a full swap. Just looking for 3 more tiers. Give it a go!
  17. Address has been sent. Boy, you guys are quick :-)
  18. I've tied 'em both, and fished 'em both. The fish ate 'em all, so I can't say one fished better than the other. I personally like the look of the hair.
  19. Got mine for the Kindle app on my iPhone for $7.99...
  20. Bump. Hey, we still have room for 3 more tiers. If you've been thinking about joining a swap, this will be fun.
  21. Well, those west cost flies do tend to be a bit more laid back than others :-)
  22. Nice! No reason to worry, those are fish getters :-)
  23. Sounds good. As a friend of mine says, "the fishies will decide."
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