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  1. Sounds good to me, glad to have you aboard. And you're right about the variation of application. The flies are effective in a number of ways.
  2. Glad to have you and the fly sounds like a real fish-getter.
  3. You were ahead of your time and just didn't know it :-)
  4. You're right… simple, proven, and it's from one of the masters. Glad to have you!
  5. I guess it's time for another one of these... Tenkara fishing is pretty simple and the flies aren't complex, so let's do a Tenkara swap. Standard swap rules apply for the first eleven to speak up: - Self-addressed stamped envelope and toe tags on your flies to me - Due date is March 3 (I would've said March 6 or 7, but I'll be at the Northwest Fly Fishing Expo :-)) I'll keep everyone posted on progress. When you've completed your flies, shoot me a PM and I'll give you my mailing address. Remember... there's elegance in simplicity. John 1. jburge - Sakasa Kebari Caddis Pupa Variant, Sakasa Kebari Royal Wulff Variant, Chris Stewart's Killer Kebari 2. Horseshoes - Ishigaki Fly - arrived 3. sniperfreak223 - Pheasant Tail Variant / addy sent / arrived 4. fishingbobnelson - TBD (he knows where I live) / arrived 5. vicrider - Beaded Bomber / addy sent / arrived 6. ostfyn - Green Takayama Sakasa Kebari / addy sent 7. rockworm - Dun and Cree Sekasa Kebari / addy sent / arrived 8. DavidHE / addy sent / arrived 9. Henrik Thomsen - Bibio (hawthorn fly) / addy sent / arrived 10. Simplejack / addy sent / arrived 11. 12.
  6. Picked up my box of flies yesterday from fishingbob himself (good to live close to the swapmeister). Great set! I told Bob all I had to do was take this set wherever I go, and I'll be set. Thanks Bob and thanks to all tiers!
  7. Yeah, mine's been the same way, though our cables aren't nearly as cold as yours :-) The flies went out last week, so I'm assuming they're taking their sweet time to get there. Either that, or they stepped out of the tin, felt the air, and figured out a way to get back to California. He, he...
  8. Ha! Saw the first page of this swap, and yup, I'm worried about fishybob. You know he wet wades in the winter!!! Flies are ready to head your way tomorrow, so I need your addy. Also, if you can PM your email, I can send postage money via PayPal :-) Thanks for hosting. Great idea!
  9. LOL. Somebody's got to keep that boy in line!
  10. Always had a soft spot for the Henry's Fork Caddis. That's what it'll be.
  11. OK, the hook is set. You are officially addicted. Ha! Congrats! John
  12. Yup, I think this time is a bust. I'm out too. DavidHE, you're right about it being a good idea. Perhaps a couple of months down the road it might be worth a try. John
  13. Being lucky enough to live down the road from fishingbob, I already have a set, and wow, great job to all! And thanks again Bob for hosting yet another great swap! John
  14. Thanks, Bob for taking the call. Ha! Definitely gonna tie up some mayfly cripples (been a great go-to fly), and I'm *leaning* (note, did not say committed) toward an extended body dry.
  15. Ha, Murray, I was in the same boat. Missed a day stuck in meetings at work and next thing I see is full swap! Wow, there are some anxious and great tyers in this group. Should be loads of fun! John
  16. So this morning I just around to checking what came in yesterday's mail... a fabulous set of flies. Great job everyone, and thanks gpd4 for hosting. Really fun swap.
  17. gpd4, thanks for all the *great* communication and updates. Looking forward to seeing all the flies.
  18. I ordered some jackdaw from northcountryflies.com (based in the UK) awhile back and had no problems.
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