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  1. Wow, a lot of really good discussion for something posted just two days ago FWIW, I've been fishing Tenkara for about 2 years now (by no means an expert) -- CM is the man. I came across it because I was looking for some lightweight alternatives to fishing while backpacking in the Sierras -- think small freestone streams and creeks and high alpine lakes. The rods are exactly what I was looking for. Would I pack my Tenkara to fish for football sized rainbows in the Yuba? Nope. But, I see no reason to haul extra equipment into the backcountry when I don't need it and I don't have to cast my fly more than 20 feet. For those interested, maybe someone should start up another swap. I ran a Tenkara swap here earlier this year that was really successful and saw some great flies cranked out. http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?showtopic=57157 Just my opinion (and no offense meant), but I'd suggest getting all the facts before jumping to conclusions. Thanks! John
  2. Three children all grown up (28, 26, and 20). Two boys and a girl, in that order. The boys are off on their own (the middle one safely finished his tour in the USMC), and the daughter is fixing to leave the nest next spring. Our oldest and his wife delighted us this summer with a stunningly gorgeous granddaughter Can't wait to take her fishing. John
  3. BB, I think I'm going to go with some furled crickets. Thanks! John
  4. Ha, thanks! I keep telling people it's the snake, it's the snake, it's not the marbles in my head you hear
  5. Love the idea, and what a great way to get more familiar with the database. Any rough ideas on a due date? Thanks! John
  6. And since Bob is laying the blame at my feet, I gotta be in In with a TBD. I've been scoping out a number of patterns, just have to make up my mind. John
  7. Flies are winging their way outta here! Officially in the hands of the USPS. Thanks for hosting! John
  8. WOOHOO! Flies arrived today. All tiers rock! Fabulous job by everyone and thanks 'shoes for hosting. Like fishingbob said, I can't wait to get these wet :-) John And Kevin, Can you give us more hints? :-)
  9. The elves are finished and I'm ready for an addy... John
  10. OK, at fishingbob's urging and Horseshoes' haranguing, uh, I mean encouragement... note the new avatar. It, in no way, reflects my personality, just the types of critters I run into while backpacking in the backcountry scoping out wild trout. (Scared the bejeebeez out of me. That was one *fat* rattler.) John
  11. I agree, how about some of those Golden Trout Wilderness pics? Maybe the rattlesnake? OK, OK. I'll find something. You mean I don't stand out by my anonymity?
  12. Holy cow! If you don't go rambo, I will. Sheesh. And it sounds like the $$$ I put in there for postage was gone??? Why would anybody slit and staple an empty envelope??? John
  13. Kevin, I've made leaders out of mono, fluoro, UNI thread and Danville Flymaster thread, with good results. Perhaps the issue is the weight when you're furling. It's happened to me a couple of times when I overtwist and then don't have enough weight for the furling (if that makes sense). You know this is going to become a new addiction, right? :-) John
  14. Kevin, Have you seen Kathy Scott's DVD? She demos the two pegs side-by-side at one end setup. I've used her pattern for a variety of leader lengths and have been delighted with the results. Are you set up with two pegs at one end and just one at the far end? John
  15. Ha! When I have elves like fishingbobnelson to help me keep on track, I can't go wrong
  16. Just a little postal update... flies are officially in the hands of USPS, winging their way north. Can't thank you enough for a great swap, Horseshoes. Great idea, and love the dubbing. Can't wait to see what others have tied up. Thanks! John
  17. Horseshoes, I'm down for a peacock softhackle (caddis emerger). I've been searching for something that I think will show off this dubbing and this looks like the one. Hope y'all enjoy John
  18. I've been "off the grid" for a bit, celebrating the birth of our first granddaughter. Woohoo! And what do I see when I return home... some dubbing that looks great! I'll be getting to work on some ideas and patterns straight away. This is gonna be fun! John
  19. Finally got the mail this evening, and lo and behold... a great set of flies that I can't wait to try. Thanks to all for tying and thanks to NJ for hosting! John
  20. Frank, Gorgeous fly and fabulous SBS! Thanks so much for contributing. John
  21. Carl, Flies are heading your way. Dropped 'em in the mail today. John
  22. Flies are done, need an addy. Here's the recipe: TMC 2499SPBL #10 3 wraps Wapsi lead tape UTC 70 black thread 4x tippet ribbing Metz Thin Skin mottled oak olive -- all dubbing tied in with dubbing loops -- Targus dark orange brown dubbing Targus coral dubbing hot spot Targus dark chocolate dubbing Everything listed in the order it was tied in. Hope you enjoy! John
  23. Fishy Bob, If I ever go down that way to visit family I will definetly hold you two up to that treat. Ha! And it's guaranteed to be a fun and tasty lunch! Bob and I had lunch on Friday and you all are in for a treat. I got to see first-hand the awesome nymphs that he tied up for this swap. John
  24. I'll give it a go... that is if you can deal with a newb I've been wanting to tie and fish these for a long time, but just haven't done it... yet. John
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