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  1. Been out of state for nearly a week, so haven't been able to keep y'all up to speed. But here's the good news... all flies are in! Received both Houndog's and boynabubble's flies this past week. Houndog - outstanding boynabubble - beautiful work That now means that I'm getting to work on returning these flies. I won't be able to get to 'em on Saturday 'cause, poor me, I'm attending an all-day fly tying class with Jay Fair I'll for sure get to work on dividing everything up on Sunday and keep you posted as to when they leave the building. If you could let me know when you receive them too, that'd be great. Thanks to everybody. I'm gonna take pictures and post 'em here too, so be on the lookout. John
  2. I'll be on the lookout. Thanks!
  3. Flies have left the building... John
  4. Shad's beautiful Takayama Sekasa Kebari flies arrived yesterday. Yeah! I can think of a half-dozen places already where I'm gonna fish this. Thanks! John
  5. Really nice, Bob! I know exactly where I'll be taking some of those this summer John
  6. Just letting you guys know each day gets better and better! Arriving in today's mail was a beautiful set of fish-catching flies from flon18 (Justin), AND, all the way from New Brunswick, a splendid group from kbranch (Kevin). Thank you gentlemen! I'm gonna be grinning from ear to ear this summer whenever I break out this group. Wow! John
  7. Great! I'll keep y'all posted. John
  8. My pleasure. And no, it never seems to end Shipping was incredibly reasonable -- 3.33 GBP which translates to $5.41 US.
  9. WOW! I go out to check the mail today and what do I find... packages from rockworm, Old Hat, and truckdriver! Holy cow you guys, these are awesome! rockworm, stunning work. Old Hat, absolutely gorgeous. truckdriver, outstanding. I can't wait to hear the expressions of everybody else when they see these flies. Thank you! :thumbup: John
  10. And I'll echo JohnP... wow, what a great set of flies! All arrived safe and sound today. It's really fun to join a group like this. Thanks Devin for hosting. John
  11. Ha! I had to do a bit of research to figure this one out. The jackdaw is a European/Asian/North African cousin to the crow. And apparently, they're a bit on the small side. Check this out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jackdaw I found the skin at: http://www.northcountryflies.com/english-game-skins.html I bought some others in addition to the jackdaw. I figured if Nemes actually specified it in the description of the fly, then why not try to be truly authentic And now I gotta figure out where else I can use these feathers... John
  12. Boy, some of you guys are quick And now that I've secured my jackdaw skin, NJ you can change my TBD to an Iron Blue Dun. Thanks! John
  13. Justin, You got it. Check your PM. And one more update... I've now sent my addy to everyone in the swap. Please let me know if you haven't received it. Glad to see everyone's on top of this, and we still have 3 weeks to go :thumbsup: John
  14. Wow! Got my flies yesterday, and all I can say is you guys are artists This is a very impressive set of flies, and it's been a privilege to participate with all. Thanks troutguy for putting it on. John
  15. Justin, Sounds good. Sully's are Ishigaki Kebari as well, black body with olive hackle. Black or dark brown bodies work well, and you can get creative with the hackle. I have no problem with a like-styled fly, 'cause we are trying to keep it tenkara simple. You make the call. John
  16. Kevin, Love the combo of materials! Looks really good. John
  17. All I can say is WOW! I'm still working on spun hair techniques and don't know that I could ever touch that. Beautiful job! John
  18. Exactly right The more you do, the better you get. Looking forward to adding some more nice flies to this great set. John
  19. I just love going to the mailbox... Redneck's flies arrived today, with "eat me" written all over 'em. Nice job! John
  20. I'm in TBD. Just finished his book (for the second time)... so many good flies, it's hard to choose just one John
  21. I'm another one for a small piece of paper with the hook stabbed through it. I print up a sheet of paper with the tag info repeated for as many flies as I need, then break out the paper cutter and get to work. I did get a fly back once in another swap where the gent had glued a small piece of foam to a strip of paper and stuck the fly in the foam. Elegant, but that's some serious work. John
  22. 'Red, Glad you got a tracking number, but don't need it unless for some reason they don't show up this week. I'll definitely post and we'll start tracking if I don't find a prize in the mailbox this week. Thanks! John
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