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  1. I keep forgetting to update. Oops. Flies are on their way. Should be there when you return.
  2. If it's not taken yet, I'll do the Parachute Hare's Ear.
  3. Received an awesome set of flies in the mail yesterday. Really, really, nice! Thanks to all tiers and BB for pulling off another great swap.
  4. FWIW, here's what I'm thinking (and Dave, please correct me if I'm wrong). I figured hey, what would be a good "sample" fly box for each woman, given a variety of circumstances. I'm thinking a box like: - 1 wooly bugger (size 10) - 2 pheasant tail nymphs (size 14) - 2 hare's ear nymphs (size 14) - 1 jb hopper variant (size 10) - 1 juana be hopper (size 12) - 2 para Adams (size 14) - 2 elk hair caddis (size 14) - 1 mayfly cripple/emerger (size 14) I'm game for whatever. It's a privilege to help. John
  5. Well, according to USPS, the PT nymphs are supposed to be there Friday :-0
  6. Since I have the good fortune to live close to our Swapmeister, I picked up a great set of flies when Bob and I had sushi. You're all gonna love this set--really well done by all! Thanks again to Bob for a fabulous swap.
  7. Picked up an awesome set of flies yesterday while fishingbob and I enjoyed some lunch-time Chinese food. Thanks to all tyers for great work, and thanks to fishingbob for another amazing Christmas swap!
  8. Oh yeah, I'm in with my jb hopper variant. Fun to tie and fun to fish.
  9. Bob, no worries. Take your time and get to feeling better soon!
  10. Awesome job, my friend! The boxes, the flies, everything about it is perfect. Thanks for hosting!
  11. Fabulous Dave! So glad they made it. Appreciate the opportunity to participate.
  12. Flies have officially been cast, uh, mailed :-) Now on their way down under. It's a privilege to do a little something for these ladies. Thanks for putting this together Dave!
  13. Received a SWEET set of flies in the mail! Thanks to all tyers and jd1983 for hosting. Awesome!
  14. Kept meaning to post this, but also kept forgetting :-0 Flies are on their way and will be there Monday.
  15. Received a sweet set of flies in yesterday's mail (only checked it today). Some mighty fine tying in this group! Thanks to all tiers and big thanks to troutguy for another great swap!
  16. Addy please. Some soft hackle sulphur nymphs are ready to swim your way...
  17. Got all caught up and then forgot to post... flies have flown. They're on their way.
  18. ROFL! One of the funniest things I've read in quite some time. Ha!
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