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  1. Rogue, I talked to Bob this afternoon and offered to take some pix. It's not a state-of-the-art studio, but I have a lightbox with a macro setup on my camera. I can shoot pix of the flies and post them. Only drawback is, it'll have to be after Christmas. Ho, ho, ho, and Merry Christmas! John
  2. Had the pleasure myself of meeting up with Santa in person yesterday, and his name is Bob! First, thanks for all you do Bob! And second, gotta say this is a *really* nice set of flies. Great job by all participating, and kudos to the swapmeister, uh, I mean Santa. Ho, ho, ho!
  3. Well, Ho, Ho, Ho, Bob is absolutely right. I've learned that commas save lives. Note: "Let's eat Grandma!" vs "Let's eat, Grandma!" Thanks for hosting!
  4. What Bob said. Ross is a straight-up guy, a fly tying "freak," and amazing brother. If you can, please reach out.
  5. Definitely many thoughts and prayers his direction. He's always a fun contributor to the forum. Get well soon!
  6. Hey we had some boxed up and ready to send to you, but for some reason the post office wasn't allowing it. ;-)
  7. Had the pleasure today to not only grab some Chinese food with fishingbob, but also pick up a fabulous set of flies. What a really nice set! Thanks to all the tiers, and thanks to Bob for hosting another great swap.
  8. Got mine too. Great set of flies by a great set of tiers! Thanks for hosting vicrider.
  9. BB, flies have landed! Yes, I'm on the left coast, and have been away from picking up mail for a few days. All arrived in great shape, and in great form. A fantastic set of flies by all. Thanks for hosting, it was a LOT of fun!
  10. Hmmmmmm ;-) LOL! Uhhhhhh.... speechless ;-)
  11. Ha! Too funny. And, my pleasure. Glad you like 'em. Don't know why, but I've had more success with red than with any other color.
  12. BB, flies have officially flown and are in the hands of the USPS. Sending one my favorite attractor patterns--Red Humpy. Thanks for hosting! John
  13. Nick, Flies have left the building. Dropped 'em at the Post Office on the way to work this morning. Green Gossamer silk floss, peacock herl, and reverse hackle--tenkara style. Also work well as a caddis pupa impression :-) Thanks for hosting! John
  14. OK, I'll bite. The temptation is just too big (hmmm... sounds kinda like a fish reaching for a bug). Pattern TBD ASAP
  15. I'll play--either a soft hackle or tenkara fly.
  16. Rolled in from Montana late last night... and yep, end of Sept works great for me too.
  17. A lot of your standard attractor patterns work well--at least in our Sierra mountains, and I've fished up to 11,000 ft. Royal Wulff, Elk Hair Caddis, Adams, and Stimulator, if you're going for the top. Subsurface, Pheasant Tail nymph, Copper John, Bird's Nest, Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear, and soft hackles are all fish catchers. Have fun, and enjoy the view. Trout don't live in ugly places :-)
  18. Thanks! Glad to be here. Montana is calling right now, but when I'm back I'll be tying. My invitation has been sent.
  19. Being fortunate enough to live down the road (literally) from fishybob, I had the good fortune of sharing lunch today and picking up a great set of flies. You all are really going to like them. A lot of work went into these little beauties. Kudos to tiers, and huge thanks to Bob for hosting!
  20. Wow, that was fast! I go to the mailbox today and what do I find? A fantastic assortment of prince nymphs. Truly, some really nice ties. Thanks a bunch David for hosting.
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