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  1. No worries. I got you covered.
  2. eugward, your BH pheasant tails are here. Nice ties! I can't wait to fish one myself. Thanks!
  3. nanumcreek, your flies have arrived. Incredible! Had I not seen them with my own eyes, I wouldn't have believed you could find beads that small :-) Thank you! Really appreciate your generosity.
  4. Mine are in the mail and headed your way...
  5. Piker, fur and feathers are officially winging their way to you.
  6. Ha! Yeah, BBQ this time instead of sushi. However, we had some awesome smoked trout and artichoke dip with crostini. Yum. These flies say "eat me" all over 'em. Thank you! And thanks for the Aedan extras. You rock!
  7. Wow, these are great! Thanks for the recipes, and the extras! I know I'm going to quote you one day... "I hope these are favourably received by our piscine friends." LOL
  8. Awesome colors! Love the flies, and thanks for the extras.
  9. Need an addy. Feather flies are slightly modified Renegades (no tinsel tag), and fur flies are a little tribute to Polly Rosborough--his Classic Dress. It's all muskrat but substituting mole hair for his original ostrich herl.
  10. OK, this has to be a record day! First, I have an awesome BBQ lunch with fishingbob and pick up his flies. Not to mention all the extra goodies for Aedan, our young tier. Bob, he's going to be in hog heaven! Then, I get home to find not 1, not 2, but 3 packages of flies at the mailbox. Horseshoes, yours have landed. DavidHE, yours too have made a safe arrival, and rockworm they're here safe and sound. I haven't even had time to open the packages yet, but wanted to let y'all know. Thank you!
  11. Appreciate it David. Looking forward to some nice flies coming in...
  12. Thanks rockworm! Can't wait to see 'em.
  13. PM sent... And thanks nanum, for the amazing generosity! How cool is that?! Aedan will have a fabulous set of nymphs. John
  14. Feather versions are done, and fur versions will be done this week. This is fun.
  15. That's great. Looking forward to seeing them.
  16. Received a way cool set of flies in the mail today. Great job to all the tiers, can't wait to try 'em out. And thanks Nick for hosting. Great idea, plus I can now add "googleable" to my every-day vocabulary. John
  17. It took a while (just too many nice patterns to choose from), but I've settled on a Backstop Caddis. Plus, it'll give me a chance to use some home-brew dubbing from a new squirrel pelt.
  18. Thanks! I think the really exciting thing is to spend time with a little man who not only loves to fish, but really wants to tie, and tie well. He and his dad (my brother) are perfect fishing buddies.
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