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  1. Wait a month or two and you'll be in prime time for kingfish, pompano, cobia, spanish mackeral, and red snapper!
  2. kenneyk

    SW fly hooks

    Hi everyone, Throughout recent years I've used mostly Mustad 34007, sizes 6 through 1 for bonefish and 1 through 3/0 for tarpon. Now there are so many companies that make stronger, sharper hooks. I like they looks of the Gamakatsu Octopus size 6 through 3/0 (red, and nickle = NS black?), but they look slightly offset. Has anyone used these for flies or have a preference on others? Thanks! Kenney
  3. I fish mainly saltwater, so I tie my flies with stainless hooks. Others rust out too quickly!
  4. I have plenty of reels ranging from $25-580, therefore I had to vote >$400. MY tibors will last more than I will be alive. You get what you pay for!
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