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For fishing started when I was 8 years old. I was a foster kid that had already been in about 6 homes before that time and was a pretty depressed little boy without much hope for a life. But...


... a much older foster brother took me fishing and changed my life in just one day with one act of compassion. Since then I have taken people fishing when ever I get the opportunity.


My love for fishing has only grown over the years. I did take off about 5 years but that was due to health and not because I wanted to, doctor's orders. Just last year, 2008, I was allowed to go fishing again, although I still don't have all my strength back so fly fishing is still out of the question. Well a few minutes here and there, just don't tell my doctor's.


I started a few blogs about fishing because I wasn't allowed to go fishing and even made a few new friends, one who even took me out fishing a few times last summer. He's my best buddy now. :)


Just a thought: Don't waste time thinking about going fishing, just get out there and do and take a friend or a kid with you.

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