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  1. I have carefully negotiated a couple of days designated to fly fishing while my fiancée and I travel along the west coast during our honeymoon. She will actually be experiencing her first true fly fishing experience there, as well, so I am pretty excited. So my question to your is, where should we go? We're pretty open to anything in the state of Oregon, and the days we will be there are from 5/26 and 5/29. I would like to take her down a river in a driftboat and then maybe wade something by myself in the morning. The Deschutes looked tempting and floatable, but I want it to be perfect for her and the occasion, and all that stuff. Thanks for your help, Michael
  2. One of my favorite "new" streamers using a fish mask and fish skull articulated hook. The marabou tail really adds life in the water.
  3. You were right to think the Missouri River, Montana. Stay in either Craig or Wolf Creek, and I promise you won't be disappointed. It is the best of the best.
  4. No admin have any input on this?
  5. I am creating a website for a flyfishing outfitter in montana, and am wondering if it would be legal and ok to link our lists of flies on the site to the flytyingforums pattern database. This would allow our guests to see pics of the flies with recipes while bringing more people to the forums. Any ideas? Thanks, Mike
  6. Recently came across a couple sizes of FLYBODY Hooks, made to tie extended body mayflies. They look really cool but I have never seen a pattern using them, anyone have any experience with these? A picture is included describing the shape of the hook, they are older hooks found at a garage sale.
  7. I don't think it is an actual "snake" pattern, but just a streamer. Is that a Ray Schmidt pattern? Did you use multiple rabbit strips? Love tossin those big uglies for salmon and browns.
  8. mfick

    College Time

    What are you going to school for? A good friend of mine is at southern illinois studying fisheries. It really isn't that far from arkansas.....big trout
  9. mfick

    ticked off...

    Heard once that if you find them in under 24 hours that you are usually safe from lyme disease. Don't quote me on it. Not a fan of ticks.
  10. mfick

    How heavy

    Alumninum eyes from saltwaterflies.com make great lightweight eyes. They are bigger and sink slowly, really effective.
  11. I'll be working for a flyfishing outfitter around there. Looking forward to it, to say the least. Kind of looking for a better idea of what to expect as far as the smaller creeks and streams are concerned.
  12. mfick


    Found it if anyone is interested, supposed to be a good indicator fly. mo.bmp
  13. mfick


    Looking for an image of a dry fly attractor known as the Mohawk. Haven't been able to find it on google, anyone have any knowledge for me? Thanks guys, -Mike
  14. I had earlier posted about taking a vacation to Montana, but after researching the area....I have decided to move to Montana (seriously). Does anybody have any experience around the Wolf Creek or Craig area? Looking for someone to talk to. Thanks guys, Mike
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