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  1. Here is another Bulgarian beauty caught from the same stream this summer
  2. Rado, great caddis nymphs! Pozdravi Ivo BTW, I was there this summer...
  3. looks like a great fly: simple, a bit non-descript (in a good way) and catching fish I am sure...
  4. Just confirming that chub in Europe are really big, though I need to mention that those and the North American ones are different subspecies. The biggest I have cought here (in Canada) were about 800 grams. Still a lot of fun. Being a Bulgarian myself, I am happy to see that someone from my country is contributing to the forum. Looking forward to reading more and seeing more pictures from our home waters. On a personal note, moze bi niama da e zle da izbiagvash da izprastash snimki s kupishta umreli klenove. Tuk ne praviat osobeno priatno vpechatlenie, dori i ribite da sa golemi. Tuk horata obiknoveno puskat ribite obratno ili pribirat mnogo malko. Az samiat sum pribral edna pusturva prez poslednite dve godini, a tuk broiat na ulovenite ribi na izlet e nesravnimo po goliam ot BG. Ne se obizdai, prosto priatelski suvet. Inache mnogo se radvam da vidia che niakoi ot BG uchastva vuv foruma. Snimkite na ezerata na websita ti susto mi haresaha. Please practice catch and release Ivo
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