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  1. You have some nice looking croakers there. I have tied a few but I have struggled with them. Do you have better luck with the hair legs or the rubber legs. I have never used rubber myself.


    The thing that I struggle with is putting the joint in the legs. Would you mind explaining your method for winding in the wire for the joint. It would be a big help to me and probably others. Thanks


    Thanks. I like the hair legs better because they never foul when casting, with the rubber legs every few casts you have to check them.


    For the hair legs I picked up some wire atthe hardware store, not sure what gauge because I have had it for years. It bends fairly easily but is about 3-4x the thickness of a regular paper clip.


    I just place a straight piece of wire in my vice, laydown a thread base the same length as the joint and tie on my bucktail. After this I whip finish and apply head cement and let dry. After this I trim the wire and bend using two pair of pliers. The pliers tend to be a bit rough on the thread so I usually use 210 or the big fly thread. I apply head cement to the bend again and that's it.


    I do spin a lump of deer hair on the hook before I tie them in so that they stay out from the body of the fly. Not sure if it is the correct way to do this but it works. Hope this helps.

  2. Hoping to get some information on several streams in eastern kentucky. Mainly big caney creek and laurel creek in Elliot county Kentucky. I am wondering if there are any public parking spots to gain access to these creeks or is it all private property access. Any help would be appreciated.


  3. Okay, I have been fly fishing seriously for about 5 years now and work at a grocery store at home. This summer I was wanting to get a new part-time job at a a fly fishing oriented shop. I know the economy has been not so great, so this may not even be possible.


    So my question is this: How do I go about doing this? (I'm just wanting to work there to learn new things.)

    Do I just start calling and e-mailing shops hoping to get any sort of feed back?


    This site has helped my many times before with fly fishing related things.

    Thanks in advance,


  4. Past couple of days the water has been too muddy to see so went out, today and things seemed to work for me.







    Caught on a Olive Backstabber style carp fly. Nothing better than hooking one of these fellows.

  5. How do you all get your rubber legs to stay knotted after you tie them. Like these:




    I have tried this several times on some hopper flies but the knot won't stay.

    Any tips or suggestions. I would like to be able to do this, just to save some saddle hackle.

    Great looking froggies! Whenever I attach rubber/silicone by knotting it, I make several criss-cross wraps across the knot with my tying thread.

    Not sure how others do.



    I didn't tie these by the way, just the photo i found when i googled knotted rubber legs.

  6. Black zebra midge

    Red flash midge

    Primrose and Pearl midge for a bright sunny day


    Prince Nymph

    Griffiths Gnat

    copper johns


    egg patterns


    Olive, black and brown woollie buggers


    Red, Chartruse and hot pink san juan worms


    That would about cover anything I would want to hike in with.


    Have a great trip and catch lots!


    PS. 9 ft 5-7X leaders and the same for tippet should be all you need. Some strike indicators.



    Thank you. Exactly what I was looking for. Flytire I will check out the hatch charts too.

  7. While I am not new to fly fishing, I am new to fly fishing for trout.


    I have found several streams within a days drive of me and am planning on going this may, june and july.

    The article I found talks about tight fishing on some of them.


    I have a 9' six weight rod, and will soon have a new 7'6" 4wt. (Planning on taking the 4wt.)


    There are rainbow, brook, and brown trout in most of them and I plan on hiking in. (Eastern Ky)


    Are there any certain flies that I should pack, leaders, tippet, ... anything I should take trout fishing?




  8. I have been having good luck with a fly called the Backstabber Carp Fly

    Here is the video:


    They use marabou for the tail but I have been using rabbit strips instead. Also i didn't order new hooks I went to wal-mart and bought some size 6 octopus hooks that seem to do well.


    It has been pretty cool in the mornings around here about 40 degrees. I just find a silt puff and cast to it from about 40-50 ft away and use a long leader/tippet ( about 10ft all together) and just fish it nice and slow. I hooked into a big one this morning but the fly popped out. Hopefully I will get some pics up soon.

  9. Okay, this is the first time I have posted in this section but I'm looking to buy a new digital camera. I have had a point and shoot for a while and that's what I use to photography everything I put on this forum.


    I would like to buy an entry level D-SLR camera to get my feet wet. I have scoured the Internet but everything I find says something a little different.


    I was looking at a Nikon D40 due to the price.


    I was looking to take photographs of landscapes, flies, and just random pictures on trips.


    So I was hoping to gain some advise on what to look at and if there is a chance I can find these used for reasonable amounts of money.


    I am new to this aspect so and advice will be appreciated.



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