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  1. Even though I use them for bluegill i figured this is where they belong, if not i apologize. These are my first attempts at some wet flies(size 10-ish on first fly and size 14 on bottom three): Attempt at a dry fly(10 or 12?):
  2. This is my first time ordering materials from a magazine. I am stocking up on some materials and on my list are some more hackles. I am ordering three 1/2 capes(brown, black, grizzly golden olive) and three 1/2 saddles(grizzly, cream, dun). My question is how many about how many flies should a 1/2 cape and saddle tie? Are those colors okay? How much should these cost? I'd hate not to get my moneys worth, but still would like a variety of colors. I would hate to get a small clump of feathers. I am planning on tying some dry flies, wet flies, and odds and end woolly buggers. I know this all may seem basic stuff but I'm just trying to get all my ducks in a row before I shell out the money. Thanks.
  3. I may try building up the body with mono or chenille. The trick will be getting the profile while keeping the fly thin and light. Then covering it with some cheap thread then dub the whole body. Then attempt buggybob's marabou idea for the tail and top and bottom coverings. Thanks guys, I'll post a pic when I get finished.
  4. This looks like an awesome fly for bass and I am totally stumped on this fly. I have looked and Looked and still cant figure this thing out. Any help or suggestion would be appreciated greatly. Here is the link that I found: NO4 Minnow
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    Yes sir! Some bass and some monster bluegill like this one.
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    Well the body is done like a woolly bugger and pull the foam over the back and tie down. Then I tie in the lip and wrap it to the front, then wrap back to where i tie off the foam. Double over the foam to form the head and wrap down in the same spot you tied off the foam the first time. Then it's up to you if you want to add the white indicator. Whip finish and cement. If you want I could do a step by step, it'll just take me a few days due to my work schedule.
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    It's been a while but I think I used a barred crystal gold chenille.
  8. Forgot I had tied this one, have had success with it this summer. It does wobble back and forth while diving underwater and on the pause it will float up to the surface. Just don't make the legs too long because they will get caught in the hook gap. What do you all think?
  9. I would be up for it but I'm out of supplies, need to order some more. I'll catch it next time though.
  10. Looked at the Albright website and saw the A-5 but they are out of 5/6. What do you all think about the Albright topwater fly rods. I know they say topwater but since I'm fishing shallow water anyways. should that make a difference?
  11. I am looking for a fly rod for carp, somewhere around a 7 or 8 weight. I need this fly rod to cast far but land soft as to not spook the fish. I am using a 4 wt. right now for them and it is exciting but its hard to get close enough to cast. My budget is about $200. Any suggestions?
  12. I have been using a matte clear finish of spray paint and haven't had any problems with it.
  13. I usually collect the squirrel tails and my hunting buddies bring me buck tails, and some deer hide. My buddy shot a turkey this fall and gave my the whole tail. So I have a decent supply at the moment, I don't tie in large quantities anyways though.
  14. I love fly fishing for carp during the summer. It's hit and miss and takes a while, but once you hook one and it runs it's awesome. I release them just for the fact that I would want to catch them again.
  15. Thanks guys. I may clip off the damaged and see if it casts differently, it's only a few inches. I'm going to try the Armor All too. Once again thanks.
  16. I have had this fly line pushing 4 years now and went fishing today just to get out of the house. When reeling my line back on the reel I noticed that it had cracked in a few places near the tip of the line. Cracked enough that i can see the core. So I was wondering how often should I be replacing my line? Do I condition the line at all? I know these may be a stupid questions. Thanks.
  17. I love to tie grasshoppers and stimulator style flies just because they look so darn cool. However, I hate to tie traditional dry flies, probably because i hardly ever use them around here
  18. I'm with tyrite. I use the big fly thread as well and have been happy with it.
  19. I usually use Daiichi model 2720 1/0 hooks for my bass bugs, but i need to use 2/0 hooks though. Hope this helps, I used to have a lot of trouble with them too.
  20. I tied this on a size 6 hook. just trying a few new things to fill up my warmwater fly box.
  21. First attempt at a green dragonfly. Just looking for some points that I can improve on. I'm not looking for realistic just fishable. Maybe the legs are a little long?
  22. Hey fellas, it's that time of year where im stocking up on supplies. I'm good on thread and hooks but need more hackle for bass bugs and the occasional streamers. So should I look at hen capes, saddle hackle, marabou, and the such. I only have around 60$ to spend but want to get as much materials as i can. i don't tie dry flies only wet flies. So i just need some direction on what to buy. I am totally lost. Thanks guys.
  23. Finally have the time to tye a few deer hair bugs.
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